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week 3

worker compsation

What are the penalties for committing worker's compensation fraud. Felony punishable by fines, orders for restitution, and imprisonment.
If WC claim is denied, who can the provider request a review from An independent review or organization
What is the time limit to submit a WC claim to the insurance carrier 95 days of the date of service
To qualify for Social security disability Insurance (SSDI), individuals must be unable to work for how long one year
Who pays for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Worker's payroll deductions matched by employer contributions
What are the maximum weeks paid for Supplemental income benefits 401 weeks
How many days must you have missed work to be eligible to receive temporary income benefits 7 days
What are the four types of workers compensation benefit? Medical, income, death, and burial
What can the Ombudsmen provide Information to assist the injured worker in making a decision, a presentation of facts and evidence at dispute-resolution proceeding, information about how to appeal a dispute resolutin decision
Define impairment The permanent physical damage to a worker's body from a work-related injury or illness
What is the final report The report that affirms that the worker has been released from medical treatment and is fit to return to work and resume normal job responsibilities.
Define impairment rating. A determination made by the treating doctor that describes the degree describes of permanent damage done to a worker's body as the result of a job-related injury.
When a worker dies from on-the-job injury, won are the WC death benefits paid to The spouse and dependent children
What is an occupational disease. Health problems that result from exposure to a workplace health hazard.
What state is the only state that allows private employers to choose whether or not to provide Worker's Compensation Texas
Who should the employee file a complaint with if he/she feels that hes/her work environment is unsafe Occupational Safety Health Administration
List five categories of work-related injuries. Injury without disability, injury with temporary disability, injury with permanent disability, injury resulting in death
What are the three primary rights of worker injured on the job or suffering from a job related illness The rights to receive medical care necessary to treat the work-related injury. The right to an initial chose OFDA
What is meant by insurance fraud any act committed to obtain an outcome that is favorable, but fraudulent during an insurance claim.
OSHA stands for what Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Explain the different categories of , temporary disability, Temporary disability: describes an employee who is injured on the job,but is not able to return to work within several days. Permanent disability: an employee who is injured on the job, is not able to return to work, and is not expected to be able to per
Explain the different categories of permanent disability, Permanent disability: an employee who is injured on the job, is not able to return to work, and is not expected to be able to perform his regular job in the future.
Explain the different categories of without disability. without disability: an employee is injured on the job, requested treatment, and is able to return to work within several days.
What is the primary responsibility of an injure worker with regard to his employer. Has the responsibility to tell his employer of a work related injury or illness within 30 day of realizing the injury/illness may be the result of her employment
What is work status report A form used to report information about the employee's limitation in performing his/ her job duties.
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