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Clst: verbos

To be quite Callar (callarse)
To speak/ to talk Hablar
Take off (clothes) Desnudar (desnudarse), quitar (quitarse) la ropa
Put on (clothes) Vestir (vestirse)
To come Venir
To go Ir
To enter a place Entrar
To leave (a place), to exit Salir
To laugh Reir
To cry Llorar
To put something inside Meter
To take something out Sacar
To remove Quitar
To put Poner
To pass an exam Aprobar
To fail Suspender
To switch off Apagar
To switch on Encender
To stand up Levantar (levantarse)
To sit down Sentar (sentarse)
To open Abrir
To close Cerrar
To be calm Estar tranquilo
To be nervous Estar nervioso
To bring Traer
To carry, take Llevar
To sell Vender
To buy Comprar
To rest Descansar
To work Trabajar
To lose Perder
To win Ganar
To get bored Aburrirse
To have fun Divertirse
To answer Contestar
To call Llamar
To ask Preguntar
To arrive early Llegar temprano
To arrive late Llegar tarde
To forbid Prohibir
To allow Permitit
To be seated Estar sentado
To be stand Estar de pie
To feel cold Tener frio
To feel hot Tener calor
To wake up Despertarse
To fall sleep Dormirse
To pay Pagar
To get paid, earn Cobrar
To clean Limpiar
To get dirty Ensuciarse
To give Dar
To receive Recibir
To find Encontrar
To search Buscar
To remind Recordar
To forget Olvidar
To empty something Vaciar
To fill up something Llenar
To finish Terminar
To start Empezar
To lose weight Adelgazar
To gain weight Engordar
To die Morir
To born Nacer
To hate Odiar
To love Amar
Created by: Celestenarvaez