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unidad3 etapa1

quieres acompanarme a. . .? would you like to come with me
te invito I'll treat you, I invite you
te gustaria would you like
claro que si of course
me gustaria I would like
si, me encantaria yes, I would love to
gracias, pero no puedo thanks, but I can't
que lastima what a shame
tal vez otro dia maybe another day
alquilar un video to rent a video
el concierto concert
ir al cine to go to a movie theater
ir de compras to go shopping
la pelĂ­cula movie
practicar deportes to play sports
el tiempo libre free time
alegre happy
cansado tired
contento content, happy, pleased
deprimido depressed
emocionado excited
enfermo sick
enojado angery
nervioso nervous
ocupado busy
preocupado worried
tranquilo calm
triste sad
contestar to answer
dejar un mensaje to leave a message
la guia telefonica phone book
la llamada call
llamar to call
la maquina contestadora answering machine
marcar to dial
el telefono telephone
deje/a un mensaje despues del tono leave(formal/familiar) a message after the tone
dile/digale que me llame tell (formal/familiar) him or her to call me
puedo hablar con may I speak with
quiero dejar un mensaje para I want to leave a message for
regresa mas tarde he/she will return later
un momento one moment
del from the
venir to come
acabar de to have just
comigo with me
contigo with you
cuando when, whenever
no te preocupes don't worry
porque because
solo alone
temprano early
ya no no longer
Created by: spgherardi