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Verbs that change meaning

Conocí a Juan hace cinco años. I met Juan five years ago.
En aquella época conocíamos muy bien la ciudad. At that time we knew the city very well.
María quiso comprar la casa. María tried to buy the house.
María quería comprar la casa. María wanted to buy the house.
María no quiso comprar la casa. María refused to buy the house.
María no quería comprar la casa. María didn't want to buy the house.
Julio lo supo ayer. Julio found it out yesterday.
Juan sabía que María venía. Juan knew that María was coming.
Julio pudo levantar la mesa. Julio succeeded in lifting the table.
Juan podía participar en la manifestación. Juan was able to participate in the demonstration.
Juana tuvo una carta de su mamá. Juana received a card from her mom.
Yo tuve veinte dólares ayer. I had $20 yesterday.
Tú tenías un coche nuevo. You used to have a new car.
Ella supo she found out
Ella sabía She knew
Yo tuve I had / I received
nosotros podíamos we were able
nosotros pudimos we succeeded
Tú quisiste You tried
Tú querías you wanted
ellos conocieron they met
ellos conocíamos they knew
Created by: edurso