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Srta Lynch F5 Summer

Summer vocab 2017

Estanco a shop where you can buy stamps, cigarettes…
Propina Tip
Patearse la calle to walk through the street, to go walking to any place
Se divierten mas they have a good time
dar vueltas Fed up walking around
Harto de sick of
Conceder importancia give importance
A la vez at the same time
Comunicar de nuevo communicate again
De forma adecuada in a proper way
la solicitud de amistad friend request
Las autoridades educativas the educational authorities
sobre privacidad about privacy
ofrece oportunidades it offers opportunities
riesgos risks
Miedo fear
Baja productividad low productivity
Meter miedo make people afraid
Desplazamiento shift
Fomentar encourage
Carril lane
Calzada road
Multados fined
Andarse con cuidado to walk carefully
regañar to scold
personarse to appear
notificar to inform
cabeza de turco scapegoat
al aire libre outdoors
sin techo homeless
vida autonoma self sufficiente life
las ultimas cifras the most recent statistics
las causas de fondo the fundamental problems
el aumnento the increase
la riqueza prosperity
perfil profile
en torno a around
iniciativas initiatives
agravar to make worse
de hecho in fact
peregrinos pilgrims
periodico newspaper
Created by: Luvlycaroline