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Irregular Verbs

comenzar to begin; e to ie
empezar to begin; e to ie
perder to lose; e to ie
cerrar to close; e to ie
entender to understand; e to ie
comprender to understand; e to ie
mentir to lie; e to ie
pensar to think; e to ie
preferir to prefer; e to ie
querer to want; e to ie
sentir to feel/to regret; e to ie
tener to have; e to ie
venir to come; e to ie
competir to compete; e to i
decir to say/tell; e to i
pedir to ask for/to order; e to i
reir to laugh; e to i
repetir to repeat; e to i
seguir to follow/continue; e to i; sigo in yo form
servir to serve; e to i
sonreir to smile; e to i
medir to measure; e to i
contar to count/to tell; o to ue
costar to cost; o to ue
devolver to return (an item); o to ue
dormir to sleep; o to ue
encontrar to find/to meet; o to ue
morir to die; o to ue
mostrar to show; o to ue
poder to be able/can; o to ue
recordar to remember; o to ue
volver to return (to a place); o to ue
volar to fly; o to ue
jugar to play a sport/game; u to ue
-ar endings -o, -as, -a, -amos, -ais, -an
-er endings -o, -es, -e, -emos, -eis, -en
-ir endings -o, -es, -e, -imos, -is, -en
two forms that never have a stem change nosotros and vosotros
construir add a y before conjugation except in nosotros and vosotros
destruir add a y before conjugation except in nosotros and vosotros
incluir add a y before conjugation except in nosotros and vosotros
influir add a y before conjugation except in nosotros and vosotros
conseguir to obtain; e to i; consigo in yo form
corregir to correct; e to i; corrijo
elegir to choose; e to i; elijo
torcer to twist; o to ue; tuerzo in yo form
caer to fall; caigo in yo form
distinguir to distinguish; distingo in yo form
hacer to do/to make; hago in yo form
salir to leave/to go out; salgo in yo form
traer to bring; traigo in yo form
valer to be worth; valgo in yo form
dirigir to direct/manage; dirijo in yo form
esconger to choose; escojo in yo form
exigir to demand; exijo in yo form
proteger to protect; protejo in yo form
conducir to drive; conduzco in yo form
conocer to know; conozco in yo form
crecer to grow; crezco in yo form
obedecer to obey; obedezco in yo form
parecer to seem; parezco in yo form
producir to produce; produzco in yo form
traducir to translate; traduzco in yo form
caber to fit; quepo in yo form
saber to know; se in yo form
ver to see; veo in yo form
dar to give; doy, das, da, damos, dais, dan
decir (all endings) to say; digo, dices, dice, decimos, decis, dicen
estar to be; estoy, estas, esta, estamos, estais, estan
ir to go; voy, vas, va, vamos, vais, van
oir to hear; oigo, oyes, oye, oimos, ois, oyen
ser to be; soy, eres, es, somos, sois, son
venir to come; vengo, vienes, viene, venimos, venis, vienen
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