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Civ Rts Vocab

Civil Rights Vocabulary

Designing remedies for overcoming racism and sexism by taking race and sex into account affirmative action
Segregation that exists but that was not created by law de facto segregation
A legal distinction that the Supreme Court scrutinizes especially closely Suspect classification
Segregation created by law de jure segregation
The standard by which the Supreme Court judges classifications based on race: they must have a compelling public purpose Strict scrutiny
Giving minorities preference in hiring, promotions, college admissions, and contracts preferential treatment
The standard by which the court judges gender-based classifications reasonableness or rationality standard
The term for laws forcing second-class status on blacks Jim Crow
Distributing desired things equally to the races equality of results
The rights of citizens to vote, receive equal treatment before the law, and share benefits of public facilities civil rights
The use of race or sex to give preferential treatment to blacks or women reverse discrimination
Offering the races an equal chance at desired things equality of opportunity
The government must demonstrate that it has this in order for any racial preference to qualify as constitutional compelling state interest
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