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Root Words 18,19,and

Marla Makes Me Marvelously Mad

Atmo Vapor
Atmosphere The cloud of vapor that surrounds the Earth.
Cardio Heart
Cardiology The study of the heart.
Cosmo World/Universe
Cosmopolitan Belonging to all the world.
Counter .Against
Counteract To act against.
Cranio Skull
Craniology The study of the skull.
Cyclo Circle
Cyclone Tornado that spins in an circle.
Gno Know
Prognosis A knowing of the probable course of a disease.
Oss Bone
Ossify To harden like a bone.
Xylo Wood
Xylophone A musical instrument with wooden bars.
Monger Seller
Fishmonger A person who sells fish.
Sept Seven
September The 7th month on the Roman calendar.
Xeno Stranger
Xenophobia The fear of strangers.
Vas Vessel
Vase A vessel.
Fore Front/Future
Forehead The front part of the head.
Ish Like
Greenish Somewhat like green.
Less Without
Fruitless Without fruit.
Baro Pressure
Barometer A tool that measure air pressure.
Ferro Iron
Ferrous Containing iron.
Quasi Somewhat
Quasi-Military Somewhat like the military.
Nesia Island
Micronesia One of the islands in Oceania.
Let Little
Booklet A little book.
Nano Billionth
Nanosecond A billionth of a second.
Pico Trillionth
Picosecond A trillionth of a second.
Ideo Graph
Ideograph An ideogram.
Ven Come
Circumvent To come around.
Icthty Fish
Icthtyosaur Any fish like, marine reptile.
Puls Drive/Push
Impulse The drive of a feeling or act.
Calor Heat
Calorific Pertaining to heat.
Sol Sun
Solar Relating to the sun.
Strat Layer
Stratosphere A layer of the atmosphere.
Sat Enough
Dissatifaction Not satisfied.
Nuc Center
Nucleus The center of a cell.
Protero Early/Formal
Proterozoic Not the early stages of the Precambrian era.
Mont Mountain
Insurmountable A task perceived as climbing an non-climbable mountain.
Kilo Thousand
Kilometer A thousandth of a meter.
Myria Many
Myriad Many great persons or things.
Tachy Quick
Tachycardia Fast heart rate.
Fiss Split
Fission The act of splitting into two.
Cumu Heaped
Cumulus A heap.
Meteor High
Meteorite A stone from high outer space.
Hibern Winter
Hibernate Sleeping through the whole of something like a bear sleeps through the winter.
Di Two
Diverge To branch of into a second path.
Bath Deep
Bathymetry A tool used to see how deep a body of water is.
Cirr Hair/Wisp
Cirrus A cloud with thin hair-like strands.
Grav Heavy/Weight
Gravity A force that makes things heavy.
Solv Loosen
Resolve To loosen a situation.
Oma Tumor
Melanoma Skin tumor.
Rub Red
Ruby A red gem.
Mela Black
Melanin A black pigment.
Vice In place of.
Vise President A president in place of an absent president.
Foli Leaf
Folio A leaf of paper folded into two.
Atom Particle/Vapor
Atomic Using atom particles.
Orb Circle
Orbit To go around something in a circle.
Multi Many
Multifarious Having many parts.
Ign Fire
Ignite To set something on fire.
Moll Soft
Mollify To soften.
Lin Line
Linear Using lines.
Hemi Half
Hemisphere Half of the globe.
Oo Egg
Oology The study of bird eggs.
Grade Step
Gradual Moving step by step.
Pneumo Lung/Air
Pnuemogastric Relating to the lungs.
Radi Ray
Radial Arranged like rays.
Oscu Mouth
Osculation The act of kissing on the mouth.
Ob Against
Obsolete Against general use.
Vect Carry
Convection To carry heat.
Digit Finger
Prestidigitation The sleight of the hands or fingers.
Plasma Form
Cytoplasm Stuff that forms inside a cell.
Narco Sleep
Narcolepsy Uncontrollable sleep.
Vermi Worm
Vermin A disgusting or obnoxious animal like a worm.
Lign Wood
Lignify Convert into wood.
Dendr Tree
Dendroid Treelike.
Lachry Tear
Lachrymose Tending to cause tears.
Created by: getteeth000
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