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World War One

Those who would not accept US membership in the League of Nations no matter what Irreconcilables
Those who would accept the Leauge of Nations if certain restrictions were added Reservationists
Torpedoed and sunk by a German U-Boat Lusitania
Public reaction to the Bolshevik Revolution; characterized by the fear that labor strikes and race riots might lead to revolution in America Red Scare
Supreme Court decision (1919) that established that the government could limit speech in wartime in times of "clear and present danger" Schenk v. U.S.
Pandemic that killed more than 22 million people around the world; killed half a million in the US Spanish Flu
Formally ended World War I; stripped Germany of all its colonies and ordered Germany to pay reparations; created new nations, and established the League of Nations; made Germany acknowledge guilt for causing the war Treaty of Versailles
Included open diplomacy, freedom of the seas, removal of trade barriers, arms reduction, self-determination, and the League of Nations Fourteen Points
Offer to Mexico that if it allied with Germany, then Germany would help Mexico recover Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona; inflamed public opinion in the US Zimmermann Telegram
Germany's declaration that its submarines would not attack passenger or merchant ships without giving fair warning Sussex Pledge
The practice of rewarding the Allies with control over conquered territories to administer until the people were presumably ready to govern themselves Mandates
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