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Spanish Finals

She gave him one (un beso) Ella le lo dio
They give them to me. Ellos me los dan
I don’t have it for you. No se lo tengo.
I never buy them for her. Nunca se los compro.
He tells it to Maria El se lo dice a Maria
Marcos brought it (la comida) to us Marcos nos la trajo.
I tell it to her (el cuento) Se lo digo.
My grandfather bought them (los regalos) for them. Mi abuelo se los compró.
I don’t have it (fem) for you. No te la tengo.
I talked (pret) Hablé
We talked (pret) Hablamos
You ate (pret) comiste
They ate (pret) comieron
I lived (pret) Viví
He lived (pret) Vivió
He asked (pret) Pidió
We asked (pret) Pedimos
You guys asked (pret) Pidieron
I read (pret) Leí
He read (pret) Leyó
They read (pret) Leyeron
He gave (pret) Dio
I gave (pret) Di
We gave (pret) Dimos
They gave (pret) Dieron
We saw (pret) Vimos
They saw (pret) Vieron
We had (pret) Tuvimos
They had (pret) Tuvieron
I had (pret) Tuve
They came (pret) Vinieron
He came (pret) Vino
I told (pret) Dije
We told (pret) Dijimos
They told (pret) Dijeron
We knew (pret) Supimos
I knew (pret) Supe
You guys knew (pret) Supieron
I wanted (pret) Quise
You wanted (pret) Quisiste
He was able to (pret) Pudo
We were able to (pret) Pudimos
I did (pret) Hice
You guys did (pret) Hicieron
We did (pret) Hicimos
We worked (imperf) Trabajábamos
You worked (imperf) Trabajabas
He ate (imperf) Comía
You guys ate (imperf) Comían
We lived (imperf) Vivíamos
We were (imperf, ser) Éramos
We were (pret, estar) Estuvimos
I was (pret, estar) Estuve
We went (pret, ir) Fuimos
You guys were (imperf, ser) Eran
We went (imperf) Íbamos
I went (imperf) Iba
You went (imperf) Ibas
I saw (imperf) Veía
They saw (imperf) Veían
I traveled through Spain. Viajé por España.
I'll give you sixty pesos for that backpack. Te doy sesenta pesos por la mochila.
I have to work for eight hours today. Tengo que trabajar por ocho horas hoy.
This gift is for Adela. Este regalo es para Adela.
I need the presentation by Friday. Necesito la presentación para el viernes.
He works a lot in order to earn more money. Trabaja mucho para ganar más dinero.
Speak! (mandatos, usted) Hable
Bring! (mandatos, ustedes) Traigan
Sleep! (mandatos, usted) Duerma
Arrive! (mandatos, ustedes) Lleguen
Go! (mandatos, usted) Vaya
Be! (SER mandatos, ustedes) Sean
Be! (SER mandatos, usted) Esté
Give! (mandatos, usted)
Know! (mandatos, ustedes) Sepan
Sleep! (mandatos, tu) Duerme
Listen! (mandatos, tu) Escucha
Learn! (mandatos, tu) Aprende
Say! (mandatos, tu) Di
Do! (mandatos, tu) Haz
Go out! (mandatos, tu) Sal
Be! (SER mandatos, tu)
Go! (mandatos, tu) Ve
Put! (mandatos, tu) Pon
Have! (mandatos, tu) Ten
Come! (mandatos, tu) Ven
Don't talk! (mandatos, tu) No hables
Don't bring! (mandatos, tu) No traigas
Don't be! (SER mandatos, tu) No seas
Don't go! (mandatos, tu) No vayas
Don't be! (ESTAR mandatos, tu) No estes
Don't give! (mandatos, tu) No des
Don't know! (mandatos, tu) No sepas
I have fewer books than she does. Tengo menos libros que ella.
Sara is more artistic than her brother. Sara es más artística que su hermano.
I am not as tall as your brother. Pedro no es tan alto como su hermano.
Argentinians work more than Brazilians Los argentinos trabajan más que los brasileños
In this house there are as many presents as in the other house En este casa hay tantos regalos como la otra casa
I forgot the book. Se me olvidó el libro.
He dropped the pen. Se le cayó la pluma.
Did you lose the keys? ¿Se te perdieron las llaves?
Yes, I dropped them yesterday. Sí, se me cayeron ayer.
He ran out of paint before finishing Se le acabó la pintura antes de terminar
We broke the sculpture Se nos rompió la escultura
I left (it) behind Se me quedó
The car broke down on her Se le descompuso el coche
They turned off on them Se les apagaron
You lost it Se te perdió
You guys broke it Se les rompieron
I'm going to speak hablaré
We are going to speak hablaremos
He is going to eat comerá
You guys are going to eat comerán
You are going to live Vivirá
They are going to live Vivirán
He is going to say Dirá
You are going to do Habrás
They are going to say Dirán
We are going to do Habremos
They are going to do Habrán
I'm going to be able to Podré
He is going to be able to Podrá
We are going to be able to Podremos
They are going to put Pondrán
You are going to put Pondrás
We are going to want Querremos
I am going to want Querré
They are going to know Sabrán
You are going to know Sabrás
He is going to go out Saldrá
We are going to go out Saldremos
I'm going to have Tendré
You are going to have Tendrás
You guys are going to have Tendrán
We are going to come Vendremos
You are going to come Vendrás
There will be Habra
It's terrible that they eat Es terrible que coman
I doubt that I go Dudo que vaya
I don't think they understand No pienso que entiendan
I need us to know Necesito que sepamos
I prefer you to be (ser) Prefiero que seas
I want him to be there (estar) Quiero que esté
I desire you guys to sleep Deseo que duerman
I think that we come Pienso que venimos
I'm sure that you are (ser) Seguro que eres
It's obvious that they are there (estar) Es obvio que están allí
I ask that you give Pido que des
I insist that we go Insisto que vayamos
I suggest that they have Sugiero que tengan
Hopefully they write Ojalá que escriban
It's true that we eat Es cierto que comimos
I want the book Quiero el libro
Created by: mllzlm