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History Part 2

History of Spain Part 2

Carlos II nicknamed el Hechizado "the bewitched" for the deformities; last ruler of Spanish Hapsburgs
Juana La Loca daughter of Fernando and Isabel; was locked in a windowless cell for most of her life
Felipe V grandson of French Louis XIV; his right to the throne caused the War of Succession
Tomas de Torquemada the first Inquisitor-General of the Spanish Inquisition
Carlos III one of the best and most intelligent Borbon kings; had already ruled Naples for 44 years
Carlos I grandson of Fernando and Isabel; ruler of Spain and Germany; problems with Protestants
Carlos V the title that Carlos received afer being elected leader of Holy Roman Empire
Felipe II excommunicated by Pope but was reinstated; invaded Portugal; controlled the Armada
the Golden Age overall name for the era from 1550 to 1650 when Spain was at its cultural height
Hapsburg name of Austrian dynasty to which Carlos II belonged
Spanish Inquisition religious movement to expel all non-Christians from Spain in hope of unity
Conference of Augsburg recognized the rights of Protestants in 1555
Treaty of Utrecht signed in 1713 that stated that Spain and France could never again be united under one ruler
Spanish Armada name of the famous, and almost invincible fleet of Spanish ships
War of Succession political fights from 1701 to 1714 over who was the legitimate ruler of Spain
Borbon dynasty that linked Spain with France
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