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La Catrina 11-12-13


To prevent Impedir
A potrait Un retrato
As if she was alive Como si estuviera viva
The Spider La araña
A voice over El abblaje
The rest El reposo
The Subtitles Los subtítulos
The language El idioma
The channel El canal
To change Cambiar
Remote control El control remoto
To return an object Devolver
The noise El ruido
The broom La escoba
The pillow La almohada
To rent Alquilar
To interrupt Interrumpir
To kiss Besarse
The kiss El beso
A photo Una foto
A painting Una pintura
A framed art Un cuadro
A work of art Una obra de arte
To be willing Estar dispuesto (a)
To be worth Valer
The heiress La heredera
To give your opinion Opinar
If he/she wasn't Si no fuera
An official stamp Sello oficial
A witness Testigo
An illustrator/engraver Un grabador
A skull Una calavera
Plaster Yeso
Michelangelo Miguel Ángel
Native people Los indígenas
Centers of indigenous civilizations in Mexico whose ruins have been preserved Teotihuacán y Bonampak
Capital District D.F.
A drawing Un dibujo
To warn Advertir
Taxes Los impuestos
Willing to Dispuesto (a)
Dubbing (a film) El doblaje
No matter how good (bad) it may be Por bueno (malo) que sea
Screen La pantalla
Jury El jurado
Judge El juez
Trial El juicio
Spy La espía
Diego Rivera Created mural, showed himself as a child
La Catrina The rich skull woman, holding Rivera´s hand, next to José Guadalupe Posada
José Guadalupe Posada Illustrator, engraver (grabador). Made skulls and taught Diego Rivera, next to La Catrina
José Martí To the left of Rivera, a Cuban poet
Frida Kahlo Wife of Diego, an artist
Porfirio Díaz Dictator, in the top right
Created by: 7001942