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History Part 1

History of Spain Part 1

Anibal Carthaginian general who led his troops (and elephants) across Alps to attack Italy
Viriato old shepherd who is led 8 years of attacks against the Romans
El Cid fictional hero based on life of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar who battled the Moors
Al-Hakem II lover of books;established huge library in Córdova
Jaime I the “Conqueror” of Belearic Islands and Valencia
James ”Saint” whose work established foundation for spread of Christianity in Spain
Don Pelayo his victory at Battle of Covadonga began Reconquista
La Dama de Elche Iberian stone structure of an ornate burial urn dedicated to the goddess of funerals
Iberians origin still a mystery;known for stone structures
Christians groups who led the Reconquista to take Spain back from the Moors
Greeks came to Spain for metal deposits;founded colony of Massalia (Marseilles)
Tartessians their mythical capital city has never been confirmed or located
Phoenicians founded city of Cádiz (legacy was skilled metalworking)
Visigoths Germanic invading Barbarians who conquered and took over all of northern Spain
Celts central-european origin;settled in northwest Spain;eventually united with Inerians
Romans their influence and “empire” spread across Europe;built aqueducts and amphitheaters
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