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SMS 6th grade #2-2

ROOM vocabulary

used to store your ropa un armario
used to wake up on time un reloj
I have tengo
There is, There are hay
read for pleasure; Sports Illustrated, Teen, National Geographic una revista
best place for a good sleep una cama
You have tienes
used to decorate your walls un cartel
in my room en mi cuarto
used to listen to la musica una radio
used to protect your feet unas zapatillas de tenis or unos zapatos
found next to your cama, a good place for your reloj, your reloj and a glass of agua una mesa
good place to do your tarea and to store your school supplies un escritorio
name the four forms of many, much mucho, mucha, muchos, muchas
name the four INDEFINITE articles (a, an, some) un, una, unos, unas
used for natural light and a summer breeze una ventana
a comfortable place to sit una silla
used for artificial light una lampara
used to watch your favorite TV show, only after your TAREA is complete un televisor
There is a desk in my room Hay un escritorio en mi cuarto.
name the 4 forms of HOW MUCH, HOW MANY Cuanto, cuanta, cuantos, cuantas
My room mi cuarto
TWO doors DOS puertas (remember when I put a number in front of the item the indefinite article goes away)
SOME chairs UNAS sillas
A LOT of clothes MUCHA ropa
SOME posters UNOS carteles
SOME magazines UNAS revistas
in ANA'S room en el cuarto de Ana (remember there is no 's in Spanish, so we say el/la item de person)
HOW MANY windows CUANTAS ventanas
What's a good hint about whether to use a form of mucho or a form of cuanto? ??? Cuanto is a question word
How do you know which from of MUCHO or CUANTO or INDEFINITE ARTICLE to use? look at the ending of the next word
Created by: smsspanish