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La momia desaparece

Morder las uñas to bite (your) nails
Sudar to sweat
El ladrón/la ladrona the robber
Feroz/feroces ferocious
Silbar to whistle
Barrer to sweep
El piso the floor/the story
La guardia civil The Civil Guard
Asombrado amazed
Los gemelos the twins
Las rebanadas the ribbons/the slices
Hacerle caso to pay attention to him/her
Audaz audacity
La navaja the razor/knife
Las espadas the swords
Estornudar to sneeze
El gitano the gypsy
Devolver to return
Las cuevas the caves
Las balas the bullets
Entregar to turn in
Negarse a hablar to refuse to talk
Endrogado drugged
Sacudir to shake
Encargarse de to take charge of
Denunciar to denounce
Tirar to throw
El presentimiento the foreboding/premonition
El desprecio the disdain/contempt
Repartir to divide among/to distribute
La oscuridad the darkness
Patear to kick
La herida the wound
La cárcel the jail
Soplar to blow
Tratarse de to try/attempt to
Despedirse de to take leave of
La mejilla the cheek
Los empleados the employees
Desanimado discouraged
La tela the cloth
Created by: cbrewer-coon