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Physics 2 Final

Final Exam Physics 2

In Einstein's Theory of General Relativity, the quantity that remains constant is the ______________________. Speed of Light
For an observer in an isolated spectrum, it is impossible to distinguish between what? Acceleration and Gravity
The control rods of a fission reactor mediate the reaction by ___________. Absorption of Neutrons
If compared to the force of gravity, the magnitude of the strong force is: Much greater
What fraction of 151-62 sm (tx = 62.36 years) will remain after 150 years? 0.188 ---> 18.8%
A radioactive isotope has a decay constant of 0.0529/year. It's half life is about: 13.1 years.
Kirk leaves 42 year old spock on Vulcan and travels to Gregory Minor at 0.95c. The round trip lasts 10 years. According to the clock on the Enterprise, how old is the spock after 10 years? 74 years old.
The ampere is defined as: Coulombs of charge passing by a point per second.
The resistance of a conductor increases with the _______________ and decreases with the ______________. Increases with length; decreases with area
3 Resistors of 2.0 ohm, 4.0 ohm and 6.0 ohm are hooked together in parallel. The equivalent resistance will be: 1.09 ohm.
Three capacitors of 2.0 microFarads, 4.0 microF, and 6.0 microF are hooked together in parallel. The equivalent capacitance is: 12.0 micro Farad
What is the electrostatic force between 2 positive charges of 3 microfarads separated by a distance of 3 meters? 9.0 x 10(^-3) N
A light bulb with a resistance of 100 ohms draws a current of 0.65A. It's power is: 42 W
A particular isotope of gold (194/79)Au decays by electron capture. what is the product? (194/78)Pt
Strontium - 90 is radioactive. If a 5.0 g sample of strontium is converted to SrCl2, what happens to the radioactivity? (more toxic, increases, decreases, or no change?) No Change
True light passing through the outer edge of a spherical lens has a slightly different focal point than light passing through the center of the lens. This is called: Spherical Aberration
An electron microscope has better resolution than a light microscope because why? Electrons have a shorter deBroglie wavelength than light
Back EMF in a motor occurs because why? Turning armature acts as a generator.
A transformer has 2400 turns in the primary coil and 12 turns in the secondary. If the input voltage is 120V, the output voltage is what? 0.6V
In natural radioactive decay, the ability of various types of radiation to penetrate matter (from least to greatest) is: Alpha, Beta, Gamma
Which of the following is fundamentally different from the rest? (Radio waves, sound waves, light waves, x rays, gamma rays) soundwaves
An object is 2cm tall and is placed 30cm from a spherical concave mirror of a radius of curvature 10cm. The image is: (real/virtual, inverted/upright, how tall?) Real, inverted and 0.4cm tall.
A light beam traveling from a diamond (n=2.42) into air (n=1.00) strikes at an angle of 65 degrees to the normal. The beam will be reflected how? Totaly reflected at the surface.
Two lenses of focal lengths 20cm and -30cm are placed in contact with each other. The focal length of the combination is: 60cm
Which color of light has the most energy per photon? Violet
Assume a magnet field is oriented perpendicular to the surface of the page pointed straight up at your face. A proton is moving from the left to right (positive - x direction). The force of the photon will be directed how? Toward the bottom of the page (negative)
In any network of conductors carrying a current, the algebraic sum of the currents at any given junction is what? zero.
An electron is released from rest and accelerates across a 1220V potential. Calculate the final velocity of the electron. 2.07x10(^9) m/s
Created by: sham13
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