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Y11 Key Exam Vocab

abrir to open
águila eagle
amistad friendship
antepasados ancestors
apoyo support
aprendiz apprenticeship
aumentar to increase
ayuntamiento town hall
berejera aubergine
bolera bowling alley
bombilla light bulb
botellón drinking in the street
brecha gap
buzón post box
caer to fall over
calefacción heating
camión lorry
cara face
carretera main road
casualidad consequence
circulación traffic
clave key
cobrar to earn
congelado frozen
conocido well-known
corazón heart
desarollo develop
eficaz efficiency
emborracharse to get drunk
enchufe plug socket
enfermedad illness
enganchar/enganchado to be hooked
entender to understand
entrevista interview
escaparates shop windows
esconder/escondido to hide/hidden
eseñar to teach
esta harto de… to be fed up of
estapa stage
estar lleno to be full
estrella star
estresante stressful
fracasar to fail
furgoneta van
ganar to earn/win
gerente manager
gracioso funny
habilidades skills
halagadora flattering
herramienta tool
hogar home
iglesia church
inverosímil improbable
la culpa the blame
la familia real the royal family
la paz peace
lago lake
lágrimas tears
llorar to cry
malhumorado grumpy
mascota pet
miedo fear
molestar to annoy
monísimo really cute/pretty
mudarse (de casa) to move (house)
orgullo/orgulloso pride/proud
parcela plot
pavo turkey
persianas blind
postre pudding
prácticas (laborales) work experience
promover to promote
puesto job
quechua Quechua (Chilean dialect)
recorridor to travel
redactor editor
revista magazine
rodar to roll
romper to break
salvajes endangered
sencillo/a simple
sequía drought
soso/a bland
subasta auction/sale
taller workshop
trasnochar to stay up late
varones males
velocidad speed
ventilador fan
vídrio glass
Created by: lgillott