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Y11 Key Words 2016

abrir to open
antepasados ancestors
aumentar to increase
ayuntamiento town hall
caer to fall over
calefacción heating
clave key
cobrar to earn
congelado frozen
conocido well-known
eficaz efficiency
entender to understand
eseñar to teach
esta harto de… to be fed up of
estar lleno to be full
fuera outside
ganar to earn/win
gerente manager
gracioso funny
habilidades skills
hogar home
inverosímil improbable
la culpa the blame
la paz peace
lago lake
llorar to cry
malhumorado grumpy
mascota pet
molestar to annoy
persianas blind
postre pudding
prácticas (laborales) work experience
quechua Quechua (Chilean dialect)
recorridor to travel
rodar to roll
taller workshop
varones males
Created by: lgillott