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el/la huésped guest
el hostal youth hostel, small(cheap) hotel
el mozo bellhop
un cuarto room, hotel room
el ascensor elevator
el desayuno continental contenental breakfast
el panecillo roll
el pan dulce pastry
la mermelada jam, marmalade
la mantequilla butter
desayunar to eat breakfast
desayuno i eat breakfast
desayunas you eat breakfast
desayuna he, she, it eats breakfast
desayunamos we eat breakfast
desayunáis yall eat breakfast
desayunan they eat breakfast
vestirese to get dressed
me visto i get dressed
te vistes you get dressed
se viste he, she, it gets dressed
nos vestimos we get dressed
os vestís yall get dressed
se vistís they get dressed
maquillarse to put on makeup
me maquillé i put on makeup
te maquillaste you put on makeup
se maquilló he, she, it puts on makeup
nos maquilláste we put on makeup
os maquilláste yall put on makeup
se visten they put on makeup
arreglarse to get ready
voy a arreglarme i am going to get ready
vas a arreglarte you are going to get ready
va a arreglarse he, she, it is going to get ready
vamos a arreglamos we are going to get ready
vais a arreglaros yall are going to get ready
van a arreglarse they are going to get ready
bajar del curato to come down from the room
bajé del curato i came down from the room
bajaste del curato you came down from the room
bajó del curato he, she it came down from the room
bajamos del curato we came down from the room
bajasteís del curato yall came down from the room
bajaron del curato they came down from the room
Created by: ashdavis