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Dímelo Tú Ch. 13


Caminar To walk
Cinturón Belt
Comer ligero To eat lightly
Pastillas Pills
Allí Over there
Embarcación Vessel
Estadia Stay
Garaje Garage
Límite Boundary
Llanta de repuesto Spare tire
Luna Moon
Navegable Navigable
Orilla Shore
Permanecer To stay
Quedar lejos To be located far away
Velocidad Speed
Fundar To found
Guardar To save
Herencia Inheritance
Imperio Empire
Modernidad Modern times
Patrón Patron saint
Perdurar To remain
Santuario Sanctuary
Bastante Enough
Arruinado Bankrupt
Finalmente Finally
Además Besides
En serio? Really?
Encargo Order
Envidia Envy
Genial Brilliant
Precisamente Precisely
Quedarse To remain
Verdaderamente Really
Doblar To bend
Estar molido To be exhausted
Estar muerto To be dead tired
Estirar To stretch
Expirar To breathe out
Expulsar To expel
Extender To open up
Flexionar To flex
Girar To turn
Inspirar To breathe in
Mantener To maintain
Relajarse To relax
Saltar To jump
Spinning Indoor cycling
Abdominal Abdominal
Boca Mouth
Cabeza Head
Codo Elbow
Cuello Neck
Dedo Finger
Espalda Back
Estómago Stomach
Garganta Throat
Glúteo Gluteus
Hombro Shoulder
Mano Hand
Mentón Chin
Nariz Nose
Oído Inner ear
Ojo Eye
Oreja Outer ear
Pecho Chest
Pierna Leg
Pulmones Lungs
Rodilla Knee
Talón Heel
Tobillo Ankle
Adelante Forward
Adentro Inside
Afuera Outside
Aire Air
Al frente Forward
Alternare To alternate
Animarse To cheer up
Bajar To lower
Levantar To raise
Así es! That's right!
Ay! Oh dear!
Fantástico! Fantastic!
A todo volumen Full volume
Constante Persevering
Consumir To consume
Hacia Toward
Hinchado Swollen
Impedir To prevent
Licor Liquor
Luz Light
Molestar To bother
Picante Hot
Recordar To remember
Vaso de agua Glass of water
Ataque al corazón Heart attack
Cálculo en la vesícula Gallbladder stone
Enfermarse To get sick
Operarse To undergo surgery
Presión alta High blood pressure
Respiratorio Respiratory
Es cierto It's true
Es evidente It's evident
Es importante It's important
Es imposible It's impossible
Es increíble It's unbelievable
Es indudable It's unquestionable
Es lógico It's logical
Es necesario It's necessarry
Es obvio It's obvious
Es posible It's possible
Es probable It's probable
Es una pena It's a shame
Cielo Sky
Criadero Farm
Flamenco Flamingo
Fondo Background
Laguna Lagoon
Majestuoso Majestic
Paisaje Landscape
Poza Deep pool
Río River
Salar Salt flat
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