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Dímelo Tú Ch. 12


Alojamiento Housing
Cámara Camera
Cámara de video Video camera
Espectáculo Show
Fortaleza Fortress
Precolombino Pre-Columbian
Restos Remains
Sitio Site
Vivienda Housing
Antiguo Old
Arriba Above
Lindo Pretty
Próximo Next
Solo Alone
Bienes Wealth
Propiedad Property
Tierra Soil
Cultivar To cultivat
Disponer To arrange
Quejarse To complain
Reservar To reserve
Dentro Inside
Editorial Publisher
Opción Option
Otra vez Again
Región Region
Alianza mundial World alliance
Derechos humanos Human rights
Desarrollo humano Human development
Igualdad Equality
Salud Health
Salud materna Maternal health
Sostenibilidad Sustainability
Universal Universal
Deuda Debt
Disminución Decrease
En desarrollo Under development
Mortalidad Mortality
Pobreza Poverty
Aglutinar To put together
Aumentar To increase
Combatir To combat
Crear To create
Dar a conocer To make known
Erradicar To erradicate
Facilitar To facilitate
Fomentar To promote
Formar To form
Garantizar To guarantee
Manifestar To demonstrate
Mejorar To better
Potenciar To increase the power of
Reducir To reduce
Reinterpretar To reinterpret
Agencia de viaje Travel agency
Compra Purchase
Gozar To enjoy
Hacer la maleta To pack a suitcase
Hospedar To lodge
Maleta Suitcase
Comité Committee
Emprendedor Enterprising
Interés Interest
Invertir To invest
Presupuesto Budget
Servicio Service
Valer To be worth
De eas manera That way
En clave de Having... as key
Externo External
Mitad Half
Religioso Religious
Siglo Century
Sin duda Without a doubt
Útil Useful
Aduana Customs
Anteojos de sol Sunglasses
Atravesar To traverse
Bolsa de dormir Sleeping bag
Capital Capital
Canotaje Rowing
Cordillera Mountain range
Frontera Border
Moneda Money
Mosquito Mosquito
Repelente Repellent
Pesado Heavy
Prudente Prudent
Rentable Profitable
Respetuoso Respectful
Situado Located
Sólido Solid
Apoyar To support
Atraer To attract
Calentar To warm up
Intentar To attempt
Purificar To purify
Sujetar To fasten
Conservación Conservation
Época Epoch, period
Hoguera Bonfire
Inicio Beginning
Roca Rock
Sierra Mountain range
Solsticio Solstice
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