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Adjetivos - características físicas / corporales y de personalidad

alta tall (feminine)
alto tall (masculine)
amable kind (masculine) & (feminine)
antipática unpleasant (feminine)
antipático unpleasant (masculine)
apasionada passionate (feminine)
apasionado passionate (masculine)
artística artistic (feminine)
artístico artistic (masculine)
atlética athletic (feminine)
atlético athletic (masculine)
atrevida daring (feminine)
atrevido daring (masculine)
auténtica real / genuine (feminine)
auténtico real / genuine (masculine)
autoritaria authoritarian (feminine)
autoritario authoritarian (masculine)
baja short (feminine)
bajo short (masculine)
bonita pretty (feminine)
bonito pretty (masculine)
buena good (feminine)
bueno good (masculine)
cariñosa loving/affectionate (feminine)
cariñoso loving/affectionate (masculine)
celosa jealous (feminine)
celoso jealous (masculine)
chismosa gossipy (feminine)
chismoso gossipy (masculine)
comprensiva understanding (feminine)
comprensivo understanding (masculine)
considerada considerate (feminine)
considerado considerate (masculine)
cuidadosa careful (feminine)
cuidadoso careful (masculine)
débil weak (masculine & feminine)
delgada thin (feminine)
delgado thin (masculine)
deportista sporty (masculine) & (feminine)
desordenada disorganized (feminine)
desordenado disorganized (masculine)
egoísta selfish (masculine) & (feminine)
entrometida meddlesome/interfering (feminine)
entrometido meddlesome/interfering (masculine)
estricta strict (feminine)
estricto strict (masculine)
estudiosa studious (feminine)
estudioso studious (masculine)
falsa insincere (feminine)
falso insincere (masculine)
fea ugly (feminine)
feo ugly (masculine)
flaca skinny (feminine)
flaco skinny (masculine)
fuerte strong (masculine & feminine)
generosa generous (feminine)
generoso generous (masculine)
gorda fat (feminine)
gordo fat (masculine)
graciosa funny (feminine)
gracioso funny (masculine)
guapa good looking (feminine)
guapo good looking (masculine)
honesta honest (feminine)
honesto honest (masculine)
impaciente impatient (masculine) & (feminine)
inmadura immature (feminine)
inmaduro immature (masculine)
insegura insecure (feminine)
inseguro insecure (masculine)
inteligente intelligent (masculine) & (feminine)
íntima intimate (feminine)
íntimo intimate (masculine)
joven young (masculine & feminine)
lista smart (feminine)
listo smart (masculine)
madura mature (feminine)
maduro mature (masculine)
mala bad (feminine)
malo bad (masculine)
mayor older
menor younger
mentirosa lying (feminine)
mentiroso lying (masculine)
morena brunette (feminine)
moreno brunette (masculine)
ordenada organized (feminine)
ordenado organized (masculine)
orgullosa proud (feminine)
orgulloso proud (masculine)
paciente patient (masculine) & (feminine)
pelirroja red head (feminine)
pelirrojo red head (masculine)
perezosa lazy (feminine)
perezoso lazy (masculine)
permisiva permissive / easy going (feminine)
permisivo permissive / easy going (masculine)
reservada shy (feminine)
reservado shy (masculine)
rubia blond (feminine)
rubio blond (masculine)
saludable healthy (masculine & feminine)
sensata sensible (feminine)
sensato sensible (masculine)
sensible sensitive (masculine & feminine)
seria serious (feminine)
serio serious (masculine)
simpática nice (feminine)
simpático nice (masculine)
sincera sincere (feminine)
sincero sincere (masculine)
sociable sociable (masculine) & (feminine)
tacaña cheap / stingy (feminine)
tacaño cheap / stingy (masculine)
talentosa talented (feminine)
talentoso talented (masculine)
tímida timid (feminine)
tímido timid (masculine)
tonta silly / foolish (feminine)
tonto silly / foolish (masculine)
tozuda stubborn (feminine)
tozudo stubborn (masculine)
trabajador hard working (masculine)
trabajadora hard working (feminine)
tradicional traditional (masculine & feminine)
traviesa mischievous (feminine)
travieso mischievous (masculine)
vanidosa vain (feminine)
vanidoso vain (masculine)
vieja old (feminine)
viejo old (masculine)
Created by: keithmchugh