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Exam Verbs SP-8

ASD1, Lp-8 verbs

abrir to open
aburrir to bore
acabar to end, to finish, to complete
acabar de + infinitivo to have just (done something) EXPRESSION
alquilar to rent
aplaudir to applaud, to clap
aprender to learn
asistir to attend
atrapar to catch
bajar to go down
batear to hit, to bat
beber to drink
bloquear to block
bucear to go snorkeling, to scuba dive
buscar to look for, to seek
cantar to sing
cenar to have dinner
comenzar to begin
comer to eat
comprar to buy
comprender to understand
contestar to answer
correr to run
creer to believe, to think
dar to give
deber to have to, must
decidir to decide to (do something)
desear to want, to wish
devolver to return (something)
doler to ache, to hurt
dormir to sleep
driblar to dribble
empezar to begin
encestar to make a basket (basketball)
enfadar to make angry, to annoy
enojar to make angry, to annoy
enseñar to teach, to show
entender to understand
entrar to enter, to go into
enviar to send
escribir to write
escuchar to listen (to)
esquiar to ski
estar to be (location or emotion)
estudiar to study
examinar to examine
faltar to be lacking, not to have
ganar to win, to earn
golpear to hit (a ball)
guardar to guard
gustar to like, to be pleasing to
hablar to speak, to talk
interesar to interest
ir to go
ir a + infinitivo to be going to (do something) EXPRESSION
jugar to play (sport)
lanzar to kick, to throw
leer to reed
levantar to raise
llegar to arrive
llevar to carry, to wear, to take, to bear
marcar to score
meter to put, to place
mirar to look at
molestar to bother, to annoy
nadar to swim
navegar to navigate (to surf the web)
necesitar to need
nevar to snow
oír to hear
pagar to pay
pasar to spend (time); to pass, to go
patinar to skate
pensar to think
perder to miss, to lose
picar to nibble on (to stab)
poder to be able
practicar to practice (a sport)
preferir to prefer
prestar expression: to pay attention
querer to want, to wish
recetar to prescribe
recibir to receive
regresar to go back, to return
rentar to rent
sacar to get, to take
salir to leave; to go out
ser to be (identity, quality, characteristic)
subir to go up
tener to have
tener que + infinitivo to have to (do something) EXPRESSION
tirar to throw
tocar to play (as in a musical instrument), to touch
tomar to take; to have (a meal)
toser to cough
trabajar to work
usar to use; to wear (size)
vender to sell
ver to see
visitar to visit
vivir to live
volver to return
pintar to paint
Created by: Valleysj