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Lesson 15

absurdo absurd
acto act
análisis analysis
antecedente background event
autobiografía autobiography
autor author
biografía biography
capítulo chapter
clímax climax
contexto context
cuento short story
cuento policíaco crime story
desenlace outcome
ensayo essay
estilo style
estrofa stanza
género literario literary genre
implicar to imply
inferir to infer
libro de historietas comic book
metáfora metaphor
narrar to narrate
novela novel
obra work
poesía poetry
prosa prose
protagonista protaganist/main character
punto de vista point of view
realidad reality
relacionar to relate
reseña review
rima rhyme
ritmo rhythm
romántico romantic
sátira satire
significar to mean
simbolizar to symbolize
símil simile
suceso event
tema theme
titularse to be called
verso verse
aunque although
en cuanto as soon as
tan pronto como as soon as
Created by: Adrie424