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Spanish - Pret & Imp

For practicing the imperfect and preterite conjugation of common Spanish verbs.

era I used to be (identity)
eras you used to be (identity)
era (s)he used to be (identity)
éramos we used to be (identity)
eran they used to be (identity)
fui I was (identity)
fuiste you were (identity)
fue (s)he was (identity)
fuimos we were (identity)
fueron they were (identity)
iba I was going
ibas you were going
iba (s)he was going
íbamos we were going
iban they were going
fui I went
fuiste you went
fue (s)he went
fuimos we went
fueron they went
estaba I was being (temp/loc)
estabas you were being (temp/loc)
estaba (s)he was being (temp/loc)
estábamos we were being (temp/loc)
estaban they were being (temp/loc)
estuve I was (temp/loc)
estuviste you were (temp/loc)
estuvo (s)he was (temp/loc)
estuvimos we were (temp/loc)
estuvieron they were (temp/loc)
hacía I was doing (making)
hacías you were doing (making)
hacía (s)he was doing (making)
hacíamos we were doing (making)
hacían they were doing (making)
hice I did (made)
hiciste you did (made)
hizo (s)he did (made)
hicimos we did (made)
hicieron they did (made)
tenía I used to have
tenías you used to have
tenía (s)he used to have
teníamos we used to have
tenían they used to have
tuve I had
tuviste you had
tuvo (s)he had
tuvimos we had
tuvieron they had
veía I was seeing
veías you were seeing
veía (s)he was seeing
veíamos we were seeing
veían they were seeing
vi I saw
viste you saw
vio (s)he saw
vimos we saw
vieron they saw
buscaba I was searching
buscabas you were searching
buscaba (s)he was searching
buscábamos we were searching
buscaban they were searching
busqué I searched
buscaste you searched
buscó (s)he searched
buscamos we searched
buscaron they searched
comía I was eating
comías you were eating
comía (s)he was eating
comíamos we were eating
comían they were eating
comí I ate
comiste you ate
comió (s)he ate
comimos we ate
comieron they ate
conocía I used to know (a person)
conocías you used to know (a person)
conocía (s)he used to know (a person)
conocíamos we used to know (a person)
conocían they used to know (a person)
conocí I met (a person)
conociste you met (a person)
conoció (s)he met (a person)
conocimos we met (a person)
conocieron they met (a person)
sabía I used to know (information)
sabías you used to know (information)
sabía (s)he used to know (information)
sabíamos we used to know (information)
sabían they used to know (information)
supe I came to know (information)
supiste you came to know (information)
supo (s)he came to know (information)
supimos we came to know (information)
supieron they came to know (information)
corría I was running
corrías you were running
corría (s)he was running
corríamos we were running
corrían they were running
corrí I ran
corriste you ran
corrió (s)he ran
corrimos we ran
corrieron they ran
decía I was saying
decías you were saying
decía (s)he was saying
decíamos we were saying
decían they were saying
dije I said
dijiste you said
dijo (s)he said
dijimos we said
dijeron they said
dormía I was sleeping
dormías you were sleeping
dormía (s)he was sleeping
dormíamos we were sleeping
dormían they were sleeping
dormí I slept
dormiste you slept
durmió (s)he slept
dormimos we slept
durmieron they slept
empezaba I was starting
empezabas you were starting
empezaba (s)he was starting
empezábamos we were starting
empezaban they were starting
empecé I started
empezaste you started
empezó (s)he started
empezamos we started
empezaron they started
escribía I was writing
escribías you were writing
escribía (s)he was writing
escribíamos we were writing
escribían they were writing
escribí I wrote
escribiste you wrote
escribió (s)he wrote
escribimos we wrote
escribieron they wrote
jugaba I was playing
jugabas you were playing
jugaba (s)he was playing
jugábamos we were playing
jugaban they were playing
jugué I played
jugaste you played
jugó (s)he played
jugamos we played
jugaron they played
leía I was reading
leías you were reading
leía (s)he was reading
leíamos we were reading
leían they were reading
leí I read
leíste you read
leyó (s)he read
leímos we read
leyeron they read
pedía I was asking
pedías you were asking
pedía (s)he was asking
pedíamos we were asking
pedían they were asking
pedí I asked
pediste you asked
pidió (s)he asked
pedimos we asked
pidieron they asked
podía I used to be able
podías you used to be able
podía (s)he used to be able
podíamos we used to be able
podían they used to be able
pude I managed to (was able)
pudiste you managed to (were able)
pudo (s)he managed to (was able)
pudimos we managed to (were able)
pudieron they managed to (were able)
me ponía I was putting on myself
te ponías you were putting on yourself
se ponía (s)he was putting on himself (herself)
nos poníamos we were putting on ourselves
se ponían they were putting on themselves
me puse I put on myself
te pusiste you put on yourself
se puso (s)he put on himself (herself)
nos pusimos we put on ourselves
se pusieron they put on themselves
me preparaba I was preparing myself
te preparabas you were preparing yourself
se preparaba (s)he was preparing himself (herself)
nos preparábamos we were preparing ourselves
se preparaban they were preparing themselves
me preparé I prepared myself
te preparaste you prepared yourself
se preparó (s)he prepared himself (herself)
nos preparamos we prepared ourselves
se prepararon they prepared themselves
me vestía I was dressing myself
te vestías you were dressing yourself
se vestía (s)he was dressing himself (herself)
nos vestíamos we were dressing ourselves
se vestían they were dressing themselves
me vestí I dressed myself
te vestiste you dressed yourself
se vistió (s)he dressed himself (herself)
nos vestimos we dressed ourselves
se vistieron they dressed themselves
vivía I was living
vivías you were living
vivía (s)he was living
vivíamos we were living
vivían they were living
viví I lived
viviste you lived
vivió (s)he lived
vivimos we lived
vivieron they lived
volvía I was returning
volvías you were returning
volvía (s)he was returning
volvíamos we were returning
volvían they were returning
volví I returned
volviste you returned
volvió (s)he returned
volvimos we returned
volvieron they returned
vine I came
viniste you came
vino (s)he came
vinimos we came
vinieron they came
venía I was coming
venías you were coming
venía (s)he was coming
veníamos we were coming
venían they were coming
traje I brought
trajiste you brought
trajo (s)he brought
trajimos we brought
trajeron they brought
traía I was bringing
traías you were bringing
traía (s)he was bringing
traíamos we were bringing
traían they were bringing
erais you all used to be (identity)
fuisteis you all were (identity)
ibais you all were going
fuisteis you all went
estabais you all were being (temp/loc)
estuvisteis you all were (temp/loc)
hacíais you all were doing (making)
hicisteis you all did (made)
teníais you all used to have
tuvisteis you all had
veíais you all were seeing
visteis you all saw
buscabais you all were searching
buscasteis you all searched
comíais you all were eating
comisteis you all ate
conocíais you all used to know (a person)
conocisteis you all knew (a person)
sabíais you all used to know (information)
supisteis you all came to know (information)
corríais you all were running
corristeis you all ran
decíais you all were saying
dijisteis you all said
dormíais you all were sleeping
dormisteis you all slept
empezabais you all were starting
empezasteis you all started
escribíais you all were writing
escribisteis you all wrote
jugabais you all were playing
jugasteis you all played
leíais you all were reading
leísteis you all read
pedíais you all were asking
pedisteis you all asked
podíais you all used to be able
pudisteis you all managed to (were able)
os poníais you all were putting on yourselves
os pusisteis you all put on yourselves
os preparabais you all were preparing yourselves
os preparasteis you all prepared yourselves
os vestíais you all were dressing yourselves
os vestisteis you all dressed yourselves
vivíais you all were living
vivisteis you all lived
volvíais you all were returning
volvisteis you all returned
veníais you all were coming
vinisteis you all came
traíais you all were bringing
trajisteis you all brought
Created by: AISDLOTE
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