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Module 2 09

Address direccion
Afraid tener miedo
After despues
Again otra vez
Against contra
All todo
Alone (m) solo
Alone (f) sola
Always Siempre
A.M. de la manana
Appointment cita
Aunt tia
Awake despierto
Bad (noun) mal
Bad (m, adj) malo
Bad (f, adj) mala
Bath bano
Bathroom cuarto de bano
Because porque
Beat golpear
Bed cama
Beer cerveza
Begin comenzar or empezar
Behind detras or atras
Below abajo
Better mejor
Big grande
Birth nacimiento
Black negro
Blue azul
Book libro
Boy muchacho
Breakfast desayuno
Brother ermano
Brown cafe
Brown Skin (m) moreno
Brown Skin (f) morena
Burn quemar
But pero
Butter mantequilla
Buy comprar
Call llamar
Calm calma
Car coche or carro
Cat gato
Cause causa
Chew masticar
Chicken pollo
Child nino
Children ninos or Hijos
Christmas Day dia de Navidad
Cigarettes cigarillos or cigarros
Clean (v) limpiar
Clean (n) limpio
Clock reloj
Cold frio
Complaint queja
Confuse confundir
Cook cocinar
Counsel consejo
Couple pareja
Cousin (m) primo
Cousin (f) prima
Crawl gatear
Crazy (m) loco
Crazy (f) loca
Cup copa or taza
Cut (v) cotar
Cut (n) cortada
Dad papa or padre
Dangerous peligroso
Date fecha
Daughter hija
Daughter-in-law nuera
Day dia
Dead muerto
Deep profundo
Denture dentura or dentadura
Diaper panal or pamper
Die morir or fallecer or fallecio
Diet dieta
Different diferente
Difficult dificil
Dinner cena
Dirty (m) sucio
Dirty (f) sucia
Discomfort molestia
Divorce divorcio
Dog (m) perro
Dog (f) perra
Dream sueno
Dress vestido
Drink (v) beber or tomar
Drink (n) bebida or trago
Drive manejar
Drunk (m) borracho
Drunk (f) borracha
Dry (m) seco
Dry (f) seca
Each cada
Early temprano
Easy facil
Eat comer
Egg huevo or blanquillo
end fin
Energy energia
English Ingles
Everybody todos
Everytime cada vez
Examine examinar or checar or revisar
Exercise ejercicio
Exit salida
Fall caer
Family familia
Fast rapido
Father padre/papa
Father-in-law suegro
Feel sentir
Few pocos
Fine bien
First primero
Fleas pulgas
Follow seguir
Free gratis
Friend (m) amigo
Friend (f) amigas
Girl muchacha
Girlfriend novia
Glass vaso
Glasses anteojos or lentes
Godfather padrino
Godmother madrina
Godparents padrinos
Good Afternoon buenas tardes
Good-bye adios
Good Morning buenos dias
Good Evening buenos noches
Grandchildren nietos
Granddaughter nieta
Grandfather abuelo
Grandmother abuela
grandparents abuelos
Grandson nieto
Hear Oir
Help ayuda
Here aqui
High alto
Home casa
Hospital hospital
Hot caliente
Hunger hambre
Hurts duele
Husband esposo or marido
Immediately inmediatamente or horita
Important importante
Job trabajo
Last ultimo
Late tarde
Later mas tarde
Left (m) Izquierdo
Left (f) Izquierda
Lice piojos
Light luz
Liquor licor
Lotion locion
Lower bajar
Lunch Almuerzo or lonche
Man Hombre
Married (m) casado
Married (f) casada
Maybe quiza
Mexico Mexico
Miss senorita
Money dinero
Mother madre
Mother-in-law suegra
Mr. senor
Mrs. senora
name nombre
Nephew sobrino
Never nunca
New nuevo
Niece sobrina
Night noche
Nurse (m) enfermero
Nurse (f) enfermera
Obese obeso
Ocassionally devezencuando
Old viejo
Ounces onzas
P.M. de la tarde
Packs paquetes
Parents padress
Patient paciente
Permmission permiso
Person persona
Perspire sudar
Pharmacy farmacia
Please por favor
Poor pobre
Private (m) privado
Private (f) privada
Problem probelma
Question pregunta
Rape violar
Rare raro
Read leer
Red rojo or colorado
Relationship relacion
Relatives parientes
Rest descansar
Restless inquieto
Right (m) derecho
Right (f) derecha
Sad triste
Scale bascula
School escuela
Scissors tijeras
Scratch rascar
Sexual Relations relaciones sexuales
Signature Firma
Single (m) soltero
Single (f) soltera
Sister hermana
Sister-in-law cunada
Sit sentar
Slowly despacio
Small pequeno or chico
Smoke fumar
Social Worker (m) trabajador social
Social Worker (f) trabajadora social
Sometimes a veces
Son hijo
Son-in-law yerno
Spanish Espanol
Speak hablar
Spoon cuchara
Student estudiante
Take Off quitarse
Telephone telefono
Thank You gracias
Thin (m) delgado
Thin (f) delgada
Ticks garrapatas
Tired (m) cansado
Tired (f) cansada
Today hoy
Tomorrow manana
Tonight esta noche
Uncle tio
United States Estados Unidos
Use usar
Walk caminar or andar
Water agua
White blanco
Widower viudo
Widow viuda
With con
Without sin
Woman mujer
Worse peor
Write escribir
Years anos
Yellow amarillo
Yes si
Young Lady senorita
Young Man joven
Zero cero
Created by: Spanish 09
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