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Verb review

Spanish 2 review

to dance bailar
to walk caminar
to sing contar
to eat comer
to run correr
to draw dibujar
to write escribir
to listen escuchar
to ski esquir
to read leer
to ride montar
to swim nadar
to spend time pasar tiempo
to skate patinar
to practice sports practicar deportes
to play ( the guitar) tocar ( la guitarra)
to sunbathe tomar el son
to use usar
to talk hablar
to go ir
to be ser
te be estar
to live vivir
to collect coleccionar
to bother molestar
to fight pelearse
to jump saltar
to lie mentir
to offer ofrecer
to permit permitir
to arive llegar
to leave salir
to prefer Preferir
to lie mentir
to have fun divertirse
to feel sentirse
to dress vestir
to follow or continue seguir
to repeat repetir
to say good bye despedirse
to surve servir
to compete competir
to sleep dormir
to die morir
to laugh reir
to smile sonreir
to hear oir
to believe creer
to destroy destruir
to fall caerse
Created by: connor.vieu