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spanish 481.

april 11.

el apellido last name
la cunada sister in law
el cunado brother in law
la esposa wife
el esposo husband
la madrina godmother
el (la) nino(a) child
la novia girlfriend ; fiance
el novio boyfriend ; fiance
el padrino god-father
el (la) pariente relative
el (la) pariente niece
la sobrina nephew
el sobrino mother in law
el suegro father in law
discutir to argue
enojarse to get angry
entenderse (ie) bien to misunderstand eachother
entenderse (ie) mal to be proud of
estar orgulloso(a) (de) to not get along well
llevarse bien to not get along
llevarse mal to not get along
generoso(a) generous
impaciente impatient
paciente pagtient
popular popular
sincero(a) sincere
ti'mido(a) shy
el (la) companero(a) teammate
el (la) entrenador(a) de deportes coach
el pajaro bird
el pez fish
el banco bank
el consultorio doctors/dentist office
el correo post office
irse to go/to leave
quedarse to stay
tener una cita to have an appointment
Created by: briasia