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La Niñez

Spanish 2 Childhood Vocabulary

¡Al contrario! Not at all! As a matter of fact...
los animales de peluche stuffed animals
columpiarse to swing (on a swing)
compartir los juguetes to share toys
contar (ue) chistes / cuentos to tell jokes / stories
de niño(a) as a child
de pequeño(a) as a child
los dibujos animados cartoons
echar carreras to run races
fascinar to love
fastidiar to bother
hacer travesuras to play tricks
jugar to play
a la casita house
a las damas checkers
al escondite hide and seek
con bloques with blocks
con carritos with cars
al pilla-pilla tag
las láminas trading cards
llevarse bien / mal to get along well / badly
molestar to bother
las muñecas dolls
odiar to hate
pelearse to fight
¿Qué te gustaba hacer cuando tenías ... años? What did you like to do when you were ... years old?
sacar buenas / malas notas to get good / bad grades
saltar a la cuerda to jump rope
trepar a los árboles to climb trees
el (la) astronauta astronaut
¿Con qué soñabas ...? What did you dream of (being when you grew up)?
Solía... I used to...
¿Qué querías ser? What did you want to be?
¿Qué hacías de niño(a)? What did you use to do when you were a child?
Created by: zweber