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German 1

angenehm pleasant
unangenehm unpleasant
arm poor
bescheiden modest
diskret discreat
besorgt worried
dunkel dark
dynamish dynamic
egoistisch selfish
eifersῢchtig jelous
ernst serious
faul lazy
fleiβig hard-working
freundlich friendly
froh happy
gemein mean
gierig greedy
glῢcklich happy
groβzῢgig generous
gut good
hell light
intellektual intelleltual
intelligent intelligent
interessant interesting
langsam slow
langweilig boring
leiblings- favorite
lustig funny
mῢde tired
mutig brave
naiv naive
nervos nervous
nett nice
neugierig curious
schlecht bad
schnell fast
schῢchtern shy
schwach weak
stark strong
sῢβ cute;sweet
toll great
traurig sad
Created by: namesnevada15