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Science Test

In the process of photosynthesis, plants use energy in ______ to make food sunlight
List the two stages in the process of photsynthesis the chloroplasts capture sunlight; photosynthesis takes place and sugars are produced
The green pigment in chloroplasts, called______, absorbs light energy from the sun. chlorophyll
What are stomata? stomata are small opening on the undersides of leaves. Stomata can open or close to control the movement of carbon dioxide, oxygen, and water vapor.
What are the products of photosynthesis? oxygen and sugar
What is the chemical equation for the process of photosynthesis? CO2 + H2O ---> C6H12O6 + O2
What words do the arrow in the chemical equation stand for? "yields" and "produces"
What are raw materials of photosynthesis? carbon dioxide and water
What is true about photosynthesis? plants use the sugar for food, some of the sugar is made into other compounds, such as cellulose, and some of the sugar is stored in the plant's cell for later use.
What is a plant? How does it obtain energy from the sun? a plant is an autotroph, and it obtains energy from the sun directly
What is a caterpillar? How does it obtain energy from the sun? a caterpillar is a heterotroph, and it obtains energy from the sun indirectly.
What is a bluebird? How does it obtain energy from the sun? a blue bird is a heterotoph, and it obtains energy from the sun indirectly.
Does photosynthesis produce carbon dioxide? no.
Cells store energy in the form of______? carbohydrates
How do cells get energy? when cells need energy they "withdraw" it by breaking down the carbohydrates, which is respiration.
What happens during respiration? during respiration, cells break down simple food molecules such as glucose and release the energy they contain.
Is respiration that takes place inside of the cells the same as breathing air in and out of the lungs? no.
Does the most efficient means of obtaining energy from glucose require carbon dioxide? no.
What are the raw materials of respiration? glucose and oxygen
What are the products of respiration? carbon dioxide, water, and energy (which is a by-product)
The first stage of respiration takes place in the cytoplasm and glucose molecules are broken down.
The second stage of repiration takes place in the mitochondria, and oxygen is invloved
In both of the first and second stage of respiration energy is released
What do plants produce and use during photosynthesis? plants produce oxygen, and plants use carbon dioxide
What do animals produce and use during respiration? animals produce oxygen, and animals use carbon dioxide
What is fermentation? fermentation is an energy releasing process that does not require oxygen
Does fermentation release more energy than respiration? no.
Where does alcoholic fermentation take place? in the yeast organelles
Where does lactic-acid fermentation take place? in the muscle cells
What is the cell cycle? the regular sequence of growth and division that cells undergo
What are three things the cell does in interphase? the cell grows to its mature size, the cell makes a copy of its DNA (replication), and the cell prepares to divide into two cells.
What is true about mitosis? the cells nucleus divides into two new nuclei, and one copy of DNA is distributed into each daughter cell.
What happens during prophase? the chromatin condense to form chromosomes
What happens during metaphase? the chromosomes line up across the center of the cell
What happens during anaphase? the centromeres split and the chromatids separate
During cytokinesis the______divides and the organelles are divided between two new cells cytoplasm
During cytokinesis in plant cells, do the new cell membrane form before the new cell wall? yes.
Do all cell cycles last the same amount of time? no.
How long is interphase in the human liver cell? 21 hours.
Why is it important that cells make a copy of its DNA before mitosis? it is important because DNA replication ensures that each daughter cell will have all of the genetic information it needs to carry out its activities.
What molecules make up the sides of the DNA ladder? deoxyribose and phosphate
What are the nitrogen bases that pair up to make up the rungs of the DNA ladder? Guanine & Cytosine. Adenine & Thymine
The two sides of the DNA molecule unwind and separate
Nitrogen bases floating in the nucleus pair up with the ______ on each half of the DNA molecule bases
When the new bases are attached, two new______are formed DNA molecules
What is cancer? cancer is a disease in which cells grow and divide uncontrollably, damaging the parts of the body around them
Which two events can cause cancer to begin? a change in the DNA, or a cell can divide too often
A ______occurs in the cell, causing a change in the DNA mutation
A______, or mass of cells that divide uncontrollably, forms tumor
Cancer spreads to other parts of the body when cancer cells enter the______. bloodstream
How can a mutation affect the function of cells? by disrupting the normal cell cycle
Does DNA contain all the instructions necessary for life? yes.
What ways can doctors treat cancer? by surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy
Why is radiation used to treat cancer? radiation is the most effective way to treat cancer because fast growing cancer cells are most likely to be destroyed rather than normal cells.
Why is chemotherapy an effective way to treat cancer? chemotherapy is effective because the drugs spread through out the body, killing the cancer cells or slowing their growth.
What are two things that can cause cancer. tobacco use and unhealthy diets.
What kind of diet can help lower a person's risk of some kinds of cancer? a diet that includes a lot of fruits, vegetables, and grain products.
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