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KS3 phys questions

Common Entrance (KS3) Physics questions

What is the metric unit for MASS? KILOGRAM(kg)
Name the third planet from the sun? EARTH
Is the moon a satellite, planet or star? SATELLITE
What is your approximate height: A: 1500mm, B: 15m, C: 500cm or D: 0.1km ? 1500mm
What is the normal melting point of water? 100°C
Name an instrument you would use to measure temperature: THERMOMETER
What is your approximate mass: A: 4.5kg, B: 45 000g, C: 0.01tonne or D: 150kg ? 4500g
How many planets are there in our solar system? 8 planets
What force holds a planet in orbit around the sun GRAVITY
What is the unit for force NEWTON
What is the unit for VOLUME? CUBIC CENTIMETRE (cm³)
What is the unit for current? AMPERE
Name an instrument you would use to measure the volume of a liquid: MEASURING CYLINDER
Two magnets, when brought together, repel. If the pole of one magnet is SOUTH what is the other pole? SOUTH
Does the arrow on a magnetic field line point towards the NORTH or SOUTH pole? NORTH pole
Which planet is nearest to the sun? MERCURY
What happens to the current through a component if the voltage is increased? (INCREASE, DECREASE or NOT CHANGE) INCREASE
What happens to the current in a circuit if the resistance is increased? A: increase, B: decease or C: stay the same DECREASE
What form of energy is stored in a battery? CHEMICAL
What form of energy is in a stretched elastic band STRAIN
What form of energy is stored in a spinning disk? KINETIC
During an eclipse of the sun the Earth, Sun and Moon are in line. Which would be in the middle? MOON
Name the metric unit for ENERGY JOULE
Name an instrument used for measuring CURRENT in a circuit: AMMETER
A bike waiting at the top of a hill would have what sort of energy GRAVITATIONAL
When coal burns chemical energy is converted to light energy and …?…. Energy HEAT
There are two forces on a floating boat. Which force pushes up and helps the boat float? UPTHRUST
An electric torch is switched on. Where does the energy come from that lights the bulb? The BATTERY
What name is given to the bending of light. REFRACTION
What name is given to the kind of switch that can be closed using a magnet. REED SWITCH
If a guitar string is plucked harder how would the sound change? It would sound LOUDER
If a guitar string is made tighter how would the sound change? The pitch would increase /sound higher
What is the unit for voltage ? VOLT
You hold a mass of 100g in the palm of your out-stretched hand. With what force does the mass press on your hand? 1NEWTON
Which would stretch the least A) a single spring B) two springs in parallel. C) two springs in series? Two strings in PARALLEL
Which would stretch the most A) a single spring B) two springs in parallel. C) two springs in series? Two strings in SERIES
Which would have the greater volume, 1kg of water, 1kg of wood or 1kg of aluminium?. 1 kg of WOOD
A brick measures 5cm x 5cm x 20cm.What is the volume of the brick? 500 cm³
To which galaxy does our Sun belong? The MILKY WAY
A brick measures 5cm x 5cm x 20cm and has a mass of 1000g. What is the DENSITY of the brick? 2 g/cm³
What is needed to make something change shape or change direction a FORCE
A man on a parachute is falling at a steady speed. Which is the larger force: Gravity is pulling him down or air resistance pushing up? They are the same size
Newtons per square centimetre is the unit of what measurement? PRESSURE
Grams per cubic centimetre is a unit for what property? DENSITY
What is the normal density of water? 1 g/cm³
Which will have more resistance, a single light bulb, or two bulbs in series or two in parallel? Two bulbs in series
What formula is used to calculate density? MASS ÷ VOLUME
What formula is used to calculate pressure? FORCE ÷ AREA
What force causes a moving car to slow down? FRICTION
How would the weight of an object change if it were taken to the Moon? The weight would GET LESS
How would the weight of an object change if it were taken to the Moon? The mass would STAY THE SAME
The formula DISTANCE ÷ TIME is used to calculate what? SPEED
What word is used to describe the rainbow of colours produced by a prism? SPECTRUM
What do we call the splitting of light caused by a prism? DISPERSION
What is the name of the force that slows down a man falling by parachute? AIR RESISTANCE
Created by: MikeCurtis
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