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KS3 chem questions

Common Entrance (KS3) chemistry questions

What is the approximate percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere? 21%
What percentage of the air is nitrogen? 78%
Approximately how many elements are there? about 100
What kind of liquid has a pH value less than pH7. ACID
Is a solution of magnesium oxide acidic, alkaline or neutral? ALKALINE
A very light metal used to make kitchen foil and saucepans. A good conductor of heat and electricity. ALUMINIUM
To show if a liquid contains water you could add it to what blue chemical? ANHYDROUS COBALT CHLORIDE
Name the solid formed formed when blue copper sulphate decomposes: ANHYDROUS COPPER SULPHATE
What name is given to the smallest part of an element? ATOM
What colour does copper turn when it is heated? BLACK
A piece of apparatus that burns gas and is used to heat apparatus. BUNSEN BURNER
Ca is the symbol for which chemical element? CALCIUM
What is the main compound present in limestone? CALCIUM CARBONATE
Name a non-metallic element that conducts electricity CARBON
What gas would be formed when carbon reacts with magnesium oxide? CARBON DIOXIDE
Name TWO substances released into the air when a candle burns. CARBON DIOXIDE and WATER
A way of separating a mixture of coloured dyes or pigments such as found in ink. CHROMATOGRAPHY
Is water a mixture, compound or element? COMPOUND
This is what happens when a gas turns to a liquid due to being cooled down. For example when steam touches a cold mirror. CONDENSE (condensation)
What solid product be formed if carbon was heated strongly with copper oxide. COPPER
What compound is formed when copper is heated in air? COPPER OXIDE
What kind of reaction takes place when calcium carbonate is heated strongly to form lime? DECOMPOSITION
What process of separation would you use to obtain fresh water from salty water (filtration, distillation or evaporation)? DISTILLATION
Is carbon a mixture, compound or element ELEMENT
What process of separation would you use to obtain salt from salty water (filtration, distillation or evaporation)? EVAPORATION
The liquid left behind after filtering. FILTRATE
What process of separation would you use to remove sand from salty water (filtration, distillation or evaporation)? FILTRATION
A substance has a melting point of -218°C and a boiling point of -183°C. Is it a solid liquid or gas? GAS
If copper sulphate were heated would it’s mass gain, get less or not change? GET LESS
Name a dense, yellow metal that is often used to make jewellery. GOLD
A form of carbon. The black substance inside pencils (the pencil lead). GRAPHITE
What is the chemical formula for water? H2O
Which gas burns with a squeeky 'pop' HYDROGEN
Two liquids that will not mix together (like oil and water) IMMISCIBLE
If some copper foil were heated strongly in air would it’s mass increase, decrease or not change? INCREASE
Pick an alkaline substance from: lemon juice, indigestion mixture, water, vinegar INDIGESTION MIXTURE
When a substance cannot dissolve. INSOLUBLE
In a common industrial process, carbon is heated with iron oxide. What everyday substance is being produced? IRON
What substance is used during the test for carbon dioxide gas LIMEWATER
A substance has a melting point of -39°C and a boiling point of 357°C. Is it a solid liquid or gas? LIQUID
Name an element that burns with a bright white flame MAGNESIUM
Pick out an alkaline oxide from the list below: A: sulphur dioxide, B: sodium chloride, C: magnesium oxide MAGNESIUM OXIDE
A substance that can be hammered into thin sheets. Includes most metals. Good examples are gold, copper or lead. MALLEABLE
CH4 is the formula for which gas? METHANE
Is air a mixture, compound or element? MIXTURE
The particle formed when two or more atoms chemically join together. MOLECULE .
What kind of liIs the oxide of hydrogen acidic, alkaline or neutral? NEUTRAL
What do we call the reaction between sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid. NEUTRALIZATION
Name the most abundant gas in the atmosphere NITROGEN
What would happen to a piece of copper if it were heated gently in a tube of nitrogen gas? NOTHING
What gas will relight a glowing splint? OXYGEN
What is the pH value of pure water? Ph 7
A scale of numbers (from 1 to 14)which shows how acidic or alkaline a liquid is. pH SCALE
What colour does anhydrous cobalt chloride turn when added to water? PINK
What colour would universal indicator turn when added to oven cleaner (a strong alkali)? PURPLE
If Litmus indicator was added to a liquid of pH 5 what colour would it go? RED
The kind of reaction happens when we remove the oxygen from a compound. REDUCE (reduction)
A substance good at removing oxygen from a compound. (Eg magnesium) REDUCING AGENT
The solid remaining in the filter paper after filtering. RESIDUE
What common name is given to the chemical called sodium chloride? SALT
What solid chemical is formed when iron is added to siver nitrate solution SILVER
Which element has the symbol Na? SODIUM
What is the chemical name for the substance we call table salt? SODIUM CHLORIDE
Name the two products formed when sodium hydroxide reacts with hydrochloric acid SODIUM CHLORIDE AND WATER
A substance has a melting point of 113°C and a boiling point of 445°C. Is it a solid liquid or gas? SOLID
This is how we describe a substance that can be dissolved SOLUBLE
If some salt is dissolved in warm water the salt is called the A: solution, B: solute, C: solvent ? SOLUTE
This is the liquid obtained by dissolving one substance in another. SOLUTION
SOLID, LIQUID and GAS are known as this. STATES OF MATTER
Name a yellow element that burns to form an acidic oxide SULPHUR
Name a compound of sulphur that causes acid rain SULPHUR DIOXIDE
Flour is insoluble in water. When flour is shaken with water it will form a A: solution B: suspension C: filtrate SUSPENSION
What colour change would you see if water was added to anhydrous copper sulphate Turn BLUE
Pick a substance with a pH value less than Ph7: vinegar, water, limewater VINEGAR
Pick a neutral oxide from this list: Magnesium oxide, water, sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide WATER
What colour is magnesium oxide WHITE
What colour is sulphur? YELLOW
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