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SPAN 413


bill of lading; manifest carta de porte (terrstre); conocimiento de embarque
cardboard cartón
buying and selling; sales and purchases compraventa
consignment consignación
consignee consignatario
advice; professional opinion consulta
quotation; quote (price) cotización
packing; packaging embalaje
delivery entrega
invoice; receipt factura
airway bill guía aérea
order pedido
budget presupuesto
with reservations about reserva de
line (of products) surtido
boards tallas de madera
store; warehouse almacén
storage (general) almacenaje
toll road; tollway autopista de peaje
warehouse; storage cellar bodega
coastal trafic; cabotage cabotaje
retailer detallista
price setting estructuración de precios
shipper; sender fletador
charterer; owner of a transport fletante
premium prima
tracking; monitoring seguimiento
ferry transbordador
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