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Chapter 11 Vocab

Influencing Government

Public Opinion The ideas and attitudes that most people hold towards the government and about elected officials
Mass Media Mechanisms of mass communication, including tv, radio, and other forms
Interest Groups Groups that share a point of view about someone or something
Public Opinion Poll A survey where people are asked about people or issues
Pollster A specialist who's job is to conduct polls regularly
Print Media Newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and books
Electric Media Radio, tv, and the internet
Public Agenda Issues considered most important by government officials
Leak A release of secret government info by anonymous government officials
Prior Restraint Government censorship of government materials
Libel Written untruths that harm ones reputation
Malice Evil intent
Public Interest Groups Groups that support the causes that affect the lives of americans in general
Nonpartisan Free from party ties or bias
Political Action Committees (PACs) Political organization established by a corporation, labor union designed to support candidates by distributing money
Lobbyist Representative of an internet group that contacts lawmakers or other government officials to influence the policy making
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