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Unit 3 El Cuerpo

Taking care of myself

to get ready prepararse
to shower ducharse
to put makeup on maquillarse
to shave afeitarse
to brush cepillarse
to comb my hair peinarse
to dry secarse
to get dressed vestirse
to get undressed quitarse
to fall asleep acostarse
shampoo champu
soap jabon
lotion locion
makeup maquillaje
toothpaste pasta de dientes
toothbrush cepillo de dientes
brush cepillo
comb peine
towel toalla
hairdryer secadordepelo
razor navaja
Body cuerpo
head cabeza
face cara
nose nariz
cheek mejilla
mouth boca
teeth dientes
ear oreja
throat garganta
stomach estomago
back espalda
arm brazo
wrist muneca
hand mano
leg pierna
knee rodilla
ankle tobillo
foot pie
take medicine/a pill tomar medicina
…have a cough drop tomar un caramelo
to go to the hospital ir al hospital
Band-Aid curita
bandage venda
cast yeso
ice hielo
to rest descansar
to sleep dormir
to exercise hacer ejercicio
to lift weights levantar pesas
to lose weight bajar peso
to gain weight subir peso
to stretch estirarse
to smoke fumar
healthy saludable
sweets dulces
fats grasas
Created by: maestra306