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Level 2 Vocab list C

la cadena chain
la calidad quality
calentar to warm/heat up
el campesino peasant
el cantante singer
la cantidad quantity
la capa de ozono ozone layer
capaz capable, able, competent
la cárcel jail, prison
cargra to load
el cariño affection, love
la carrera career, course of study
casarse to get married
el caso case, matter
el castellano Spanish language
castigar to punish
el castillo castle
los celos jealousy
el cerebro brain
la cita appointment, date
colocar to put, to place
compaginar to combine
compartir to share
comportarse to behave
el concurso contest
la confianza confidence, trust
confundido confused
el conocimiento knowledge
la conquista conquest
conseguir to get, to obtain, to reach, to achieve
construir to build
contaminar to pollute
la contraseña password
convencer to convine
corriente common, usual, flowing
cortés courteous, polite
crear to create
crecer to grow
tener en cuenta to take into account
la culpa blame, guilt, fault
cumplir to fulfill, to carry out
Created by: Hispanophile