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Level 2 Vocab list A

el abogado lawyer, solicitor
acercarse a to bring near, approach
aconsejar to advise, counsel
acostumbrar(se) a to accustom, be used to
actual present, current
adelantar to move forward, to advance
además (de) in addition, besides
adivinar to guess
adjunto enclosed, attached
el aficionado fan
afirmar to verify
agotar to use up
aguantar to put up with
el agujero hole
ahorrar to save
aislado isolated
el alcalde mayor
alejar(se) to remove, move away
el alfabetismo literacy
el alojamiento lodging, accommodation
al menos unless
alquilar to rent, hire
ambos both
el ambiente atmosphere, environment
amenazar to threaten
la amistad friendship
animar to encourage, cheer up
anterior earlier, previous
el añadir to add
el anuncio advertisement
aparecer to appear, to show up
a pesar de in spite of, despite
apoyar to support
aprobar to pass (exam)
la artesanía handicrafts, crafts
asistir a to attend, to be present
el asunto matter, topic
atraer to attract
a través de through
los auriculares headphones
aumentar to increase
la autoestima self-esteem
el autor author
avanzar to advance
el ayuntamiento city council
Created by: Hispanophile