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Infinitive Spanish Verbs

Abrir to open
abstener(se) to abstain
Acertar(se) to guess
Acordar(se) to remember
Acostar(se) to go to bed
Admitir to admit
Advertir to warn
Agradecer to be thankful
Almorzar to eat lunch
Alquilar to rent
Amar to love
Andar to walk
Aparecer to appear
Aprender to learn (to do something)
Aprobar to approve
Asistir to attend
Atraer to attract
Atravesar to cross (over something)
Ayudar to help (to do something)
Bailar to dance
Bajar "to go down, to step down"
Beber to drink
Buscar "to search for, to look for"
Caber to fit
Caer to fall
Cambiar to change
Caminar to walk
Cantar to sing
Casar to marry
Cerrar to close
Cocinar to cook
Coger "to grab, catch"
Colgar to hang
Comenzar "to commence, to start"
Comer to eat
Compartir to share
Competir to compete
Comprar to buy
Comprender to understand
Concluir to conclude
Conducir to drive
Confesar to confess
Confiar to trust
Conocer to know (be familiar with)
Conseguir to get
Consentir to consent
Consistir to consist of
Construir to construct
Contar to count
contener to contain
Contestar to answer
Contraer to contract
Contribuir to contribute
Convencer to convince
Convertir "to become, to convert"
Corregir to correct
Correr to run
Costar to cost
Crecer to grow
Creer to believe
Cubrir to cover
Dar to give
Deber "to owe, to have to, should"
Decidir to decide
Decir to say
Deducir to deduce
Defender to defend
Dejar "to let, to allow, to leave, to stop"
Demostrar "to demonstrate, to prove"
Desaparecer to disappear
Describir to describe
Descubrir to discover
Desear to desire
Despedir "to fire, to say goodbye"
Despertar(se) to wake up
Destruir to destroy
Detener to detain
Devolver to return (something)
Dibujar to draw
Dicer to dictate
Dirigir to direct
Discutir "to discuss, to argue"
Disfrutar to enjoy
Distinguir "to distinguish, pick out"
Divertir(se) "to have a good day, to amuse, to enjoy"
Dividir to divide
Divoriar to divorse
Dolar to hurt
Dormir(se) to sleep
Ejercer to exercise
Elegir to elect
Empezar "to begin, to start"
Encantar to love
Encender to light
Encontrar to find
Enfermar to be ill
Enseñar to teach (to do something)
Entender to understand
Entrar to enter
Enviar to send
Envolver to wrap
Escalar to climb
Escoger "to select, choose"
Esconder to hide
Escribir to write
Escuchar to listen
Esparar "to hope for, to wish for"
Esparcir "to scatter, spread"
Esquiar to ski
Establecer to establish
Estar to be
Estudiar to study
Exigir "to demand, require"
Existir to exist
Extinguir to extinguish
Firmar to sign
Fluir to flow
Fregar to scrub
Freir to fry
Ganar "to win, to earn"
Gastar to spend
Gobernar to govern
Haber to have
Hablar to speak
Hacer "to do, to make"
Helar to freeze
Hervir to boil
Huir "to flee, run away"
Impedir "to impede, to hinder"
Incluir to include
Inducir "to induce, persuade"
Influir to influence
Introducir "to introduce, insert, put"
Invitar to invite (to do something)
Ir to be
Jugar to play
Ladrar to bark
Lavar to wash
Leer to read
Levantar(se) to get up
Limpiar to clean
Llegar to arrive
Llenar to fill
Llevar "to carry, to wear"
Llover to rain
Lucir "to light up, display"
Mandar to send
Mantener to maintain
Mentir to lie
Merecer "to deserve, to merit"
Meter to put
Mirar "to watch, to look at"
Montar to ride
Morder to bite
Morir to die
Mostrar to show
Mover to move
Nacer to be born
Necesitar to need
Negar to deny
Nevar to snow
Obedecer to obey
Obtener to obtain
Ofrecer to offer
Oir to hear
Oler to freeze
Olvidar to forget
Omitir to omit
Pagar to pay (for)
Parecer to seem
Partir to divide
Pasar to pass
Pedir "to ask for, to request, to order"
Pensar to think about (imagine)
Perder "to lose, to miss"
Permanecer to remain
Permitir to permit
Perseguir "to pursue, to persecute, to chase"
Pertenecer to belong
Pisar to step on
Placer "to please, to gratify"
Poder "to be able to, can"
Poner to put
Practicar to practice
Preferir to prefer
Preguntar to ask (a question)
Prender to turn on
Preparar to prepar
Probar "to try, to sample, to taste, to prove"
Producir to produce
Prohibir to ban
Prometer to promise
Proteger to protect
Querer to want
Raer "to scrape, rub off"
Recibir to receive
Recoger "to pick up, gather"
Recomendar to recommend
Reconocer to recognize
Recordar to remember
Reducir to reduce
Referir to refer
Regresar to return
Reir to laugh
Repetir to repeat
Resolver to solve
Responder to answer
Retener to retain
Retraer to bring back
Rogar "to beg, to pray"
Romper to break
Saber to taste like
Sacar to take out
Salir to go out
Saludar to greet
Seguir "to follow, to continue"
Sentar(se) to sit
Sentir "to regret, to feel sorry for"
Sentir(se) to feel
Ser to be
Servir "to serve, to act as"
Sonar "to sound, to ring"
Soñar to dream about
Sonreir to smile
Sostener to sustain
Subir to go up
Sufrir to suffer
Sugerir to suggest
Sumergir to submerge
Surgir to surge
Sustraer "to remove, subtract"
Temblar to tremble
Temer "to fear, to dread"
Tenar to have
Terminar "to finish, to end"
Tocar "to touch, play (an instrument)"
Tomar "to take, to drink"
Torcer to twist
Tostar to toast
Trabajar to work
Traducir to translate
Traer to bring
Tratar to try (to do something)
Unir to unite
Usar to use
Vencer "to conquer, defeat"
Vender to sell
Venir to come
Ver to see
Vestir(se) "to get dressed, to dress"
Viajar to travel
Visitar to visit
Vivir to live
Volar to fly
Volver to return (from someplace)
Zurcir to mend
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