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7 Value SelfPortrait

Vocabulary and processes learned about Value and drawing the human face.

Light and dark; helps to see 2-dimensional artwork. Value
A Principle of design that shows a distinct difference between Elements of Design. Contrast
The lightest part of an object; the place where light touches the object. Highlight
This falls from an object onto a flat surface. It is found on the side directly opposite the highlight. Cast Shadow
A 3-dimensional geometric figure. Form
If a circle is a shape BEFORE it is given value, what form does it become once it DOES have value? A sphere
What new tool could you have used with this project to help your blending be more smooth in the portrait drawing? Blending stump
What is a gradient scale (also called a value scale)? A scale that shows many values individually from dark to medium to light.
A painting, drawing, or photograph created by the artist of the artist. Self Portrait
The relationship of one thing to another in terms of quantity, size, number, or ratio. Proportion
Why would it be helpful to use a 6B pencil when shading? This pencil allows you to create very dark values. Much darker values than a #2 pencil.
What style of art did we focus on in this project? Realism
How would you describe the style of art Realism? An artistic style that attempts to represent a subject matter exactly as you see it.
What are a few other ways to blend values besides using a blend stump. Using your finger, tissue, or a paper towel.
When shading hair, how to do make it look realistic? Draw as if you are creating each individual hair and shade using lots of layers of values.
What shape is the human head? An egg
Where are the human eyes placed on the head? Right in the middle of the head; half way between the top of the head and the chin.
How wide is the human nose? As wide as the inside of the eyes.
Where is the nose placed on the head? Half way between the eyes and the chin.
Where is the mouth placed on the head? Half way between the nose and the chin.
How wide is the mouth? As wide as the nose.
How long are the ears on the human head? As long as the distance from the eyes to the nose.
Where is the hairline placed on the head? Half way between the eyes and to top of the head.
Created by: mhighfield