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Repaso 1-5

Poner To put, to place
Hacer To do, to make
La puerta de salida Gate (airport)
Facturar el equipaje To check luggage
Mostrar To show
Esperar To wait (for)
A veces At times, sometimes
De vez en cuando From time to time, occasionally
Dentro de poco Shortly
Debajo de Below, underneath
Despertarse To wake up
Estirarse To stretch
Levantarse To get up
Quedarse To remain, to stay
Mirarse To look at oneself
Sentarse To sit down
Acostarse To go to bed
Dormirse To fall asleep
Ponerse (la ropa) To put on (clothes)
Quitarse (la ropa) To take off (clothes)
Escolar Student
Reducida Reduced
Bajar(se) del tren To get off (train)
El quiosco Kiosk, newsstand
La revista Magazine
La parada Stop, station
Transbordar To transfer (trains)
Andar a caballo To ride a horse
Alquilar, rentar To rent
La chuleta de cerdo Pork chop
El cordero Lamb
Levantar (quitar) To clear the table
Pedir To ask for, to request
Dejar una propina To leave tip
Repetir To repeat, to have
Freír To fry
Seguir To follow
Vestirse To get dressed, to dress
Divertirse To have a good time, to have fun
Desfilar To walk (in a parade or procession)
Caminar To walk
Una calvera, un cráneo Skull
Un disfraz Disguise, costume
El bizcohco Cake
Todo el mundo Everyone
Dulce Sweet
Confeccionar To make, to prepare
Elaborar To make, to produce
Mientras While
Created by: NicGuer1