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Spanish verbs

to help ayudar
to dance bailar
to change cambiar
to sing cantar
to enter entrar
to wait, hope espresar
to express expresar
to win, earn ganar
to spend, waste gastar
to wash lavar
to call llamar
to take, to wear llevar
to order mandar
to watch, look mirar
to climb montar
to swim nadar
to forget olvidar
to pay pagar
to stop parar
to prepare preparar
to stay quedar
to pull, draw tirar
to take, drink tomar
to work trabajar
to travel viajar
to clean limpiar
to learn aprender
to sweep barrer
to drink beber
to eat comer
to understand comprender
to run correr
to have to, should deber
to read leer
to put, insert meter
to catch, turn on prender
to break romper
to fear, dread temer
to cough toser
to sell vender
to open abrir
to add annadir
to attend asistir
to describe describir
to discover discubrir
to discuss discutir
to write escribir
to interrupt interrumpir
to occur ocurrir
to leave partir
to recieve recibir
to go up, climb subir
to suffer sufrir
to live vivir
Created by: Maccheese101