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Common Tested Words

Commonly Tested Words

abaft adv. on or toward the rear of a ship
abdicate v. to reject, denounce, or abandon
abjure v. to renounce upon oath
abnegation n. a denial
abscond v. to go away hastily or secretly often with the intention to hide
abstemious adj. sparing in diet, sparingly used
abysmal adj. bottomless, extraordinarily bad
acerbity n. harshness or bitterness
acrimony n. sharpness
addle adj. confused
adjure v. to entreat earnestly and solemnly
adulation n. praise in excess
adulterate v. to corrupt, debase, or make impure
agrarian adj. relating to land and the equal divisions of land
alchemy n. any imaginary power of transmitting one thing into another
allegory n. symbolic narration or description
anachronism n. representation of something existing at other than its proper time
annihilate v. to reduce to nothing
apocalyptic adj. pertaining to revelation or prophecy
arrogate v. to claim or demand unduly
artifice n. skill, ingenuity, craft, deception, trickery
askance adv. sideways, with suspicion
assay n. the determination of any quantity of metal in an ore or alloy
attenuate v. to make thin or slender, to lessen or weaken
avarice n. inordinate desire of gaining and possessing wealth
batten v. to grow fat; to thrive
beholden adj. obliged; indebted
bellicose adj. warlike; disposed to quarrel or fight
besmirch v. to soil or discolor
bestial adj. having the qualities of a beast
betroth v. to promise or pledge in marriage
blighted adj. destroyed, frustrated
bode v. to foreshadow something
boorish adj. rude; ill-mannered
brindled adj. streaked or spotted with a darker color
broach v. to pierce, to introduce into conversation
bucolic adj. pastoral
burlesque v. to imitate comically
cadaver n. a dead body
caliber n. the diameter of a bullet or shell, quality
callow adj. immature
calumny n. false and malicious accusation, misinterpretation, slander
canard n. a false statement or rumor
candid adj. open; frank; honest
captious adj. disposed to find fault
carnage n. slaughter
carte blanche n. unlimited power to decide
castigate v. to chastise
cataclysm n. an overflowing of water, an extraordinary change
catharsis n. purgation
cavil v. to find fault without good reason
celibate adj. unmarried, single and chaste
cessation n. a ceasing, a stop
chafe v. to rage, to fret
chaffing n. banter, teasing
chaste adj. virtuous, free from obscenity
choleric adj. easily irritated; angry
circumvent v. to go around
clandestine adj. secret, private, hidden
cogent adj. urgent, compelling, convincing
cohort n. a group, a band
collusion n. secret agreement for a fraudulent or illegal purpose
comport v. to agree, to accord
conclave n. any private meeting or closed assembly
connivance v. passive cooperation
consort n. a companion, v. to be in harmony or agreement
contravene v. to go against, to oppose
contusion n. a bruise; an injury where the skin is not broken
copious adj. abundant; in great quantities
covenant n. a binding and solemn agreement
coy adj. modest, bashful; pretending shyness to attract
crass adj. gross, think, course
cursory adj. hasty, slight
dally v. to delay or put off
dauntless adj. fearless, not discouraged
debonair adj. having an affable manner, courteous, suave, urbane
decadence n. a decline in force for quality; moral decay
deciduous adj. falling off at a particular season or stage of growth
decry v. to denounce or condemn openly
defunct adj. no longer living or exiting
deliquesce v. to melt away
delusion n. act or process of deception
deposition n. a removal from a position or power; a testimony
desultory adj. without order or natural connection
dexterous adj. having or showing skill of hands, body or mind
diffidence n. lack of self confidence; distrust
dilapidated n. falling to pieces or into disrepair
dilettante n. an admirer of the fine arts; a dabbler
dint n. a blow; a stroke
disarray n. disorder; confusion; incomplete or disorderly attire
divulge v. to make known
dormant adj. as if asleep
doting adj. excessively fond
doughty adj. brave; valiant
dregs n. waste or worthless manner
ecclesiastic adj. pertaining or relating to a church
edify v. to build or establish; to instruct and improve the mind
efface v. to erase; to remove from the mind
effrontery n. impudence; assurance
effusive adj. pouring out or forth; overflowing
egregious adj. remarkably bad, outrageous
egress v. to depart; to go out
elegy n. a poem or lament and praise for the dead
elucidate v. to make clear or manifest; to explain
emanate v. to send forth; to emit
embellish v. to improve the appearance of
enamored adj. filled with love and desire
encroach v. to trespass or intrude
encumber v. to hold back; to hinder
endue v. to provide with some quality or trait
enrapture v. to fill with pleasure
epilogue n. closing section of a play or novel providing further comment.
epiphany n. an appearance of a supernatural being
epitaph n. an inscription on a monument, in honor or memory of a dead person
epitome n. a part that is typical of the whole
equinox n. precise time when the day and night everywhere is of equal length
equivocate v. to be purposely ambiguous
eschew v. to escape from, to avoid
estranged adj. kept at a distance; alienated
ethereal adj. very light, airy; heavenly; not earthly
euphemism n. the use of a word or phrase in place of one that is distasteful
euphoria n. a feeling of well-being
exhume v. to unearth; to reveal
expunge v. to blot out; to delete
exude v. to flow slowly or ooze in drops
faction n. a number of people in an organization having a common end view
fallible adj. liable to be mistaken or erroneous
fathom v. to reach or penetrate with the mind
fatuous adj. silly; inane; unreal
fealty n. fidelity; loyalty
feign v. to invent or imagine
ferment v. to excite or agitate
fervid adj. very hot; burning; intensely fervent or zealous
fester v. t become more and more virulent and fixed
fetish n. an object to which one gives excessive devotion or blind adoration
fidelity n. faithfulness; honesty
fissure n. a dividing or breaking into parts
flaccid adj. hanging in loose folds or wrinkles; lacking force; weak
flamboyant adj. ornate; too showy
foible n. a slight frailty in character
foist v. to put in slyly or stealthily; to pass off as genuine or valuable
foray v. to raid for spoils, plunder
fortitude n. firm courage; strength
fractious adj. rebellious; apt to quarrel
fraught adj. loaded; charged
froward adj. not willing to yield or comply with what is reasonable
fulminate v. to explode with sudden violence, to issue thunderous verbal attack or denunciation
galvanize v. to stimulate as if by electric shock; startle; excite
gamut n. a complete range; any complete musical scale
garish adj. gaudy; showy
gauche adj. awkward; lacking grace
gauntlet n. a long glove with a flaring cuff covering the lower part of the arm
germane adj. closely related; pertinent
glib adj. smooth and slippery; speaking or spoken in a smooth manner
gnarled adj. full of knots
gourmand n. a greedy or ravenous eater; glutton
gregarious adj. fond of the company of others
gristly adj. frightful; horrible
guffaw n a loud, course burst of laughter
guise n. customary behavior; manner of dress; false appearance
halcyon adj. calm; quiet; peaceful
hapless adj. unlucky; unfortunate
harangue v. to speak in an impassioned and forcible manner
heretic n. one who holds opinion contrary to that which is generally accepted
hiatus n. an opening or gap; slight pause
hoary adj. very aged; ancient; gray or white with age
homily n. discourse or sermon read to an audience
hybrid n. anything of mixed origin
idiosyncrasy n. any personal peculiarity, mannerism, etc.
igneous adj. having the nature of fire
ignominious adj. contemptible; degrading
immaculate adj. perfectly clean; perfectly correct; pure
imminent adj. appearing as if about to happen
impasse n. a situation that has no solution or escape
impenitent adj. without regret, shame or remorse
impiety n. irreverence toward God; lack of respect
impolitic adj. unwise; imprudent
imprecate v. to pray for evil; to invoke a curse
imputation n. attribution
incarcerate v. to imprison or confine
incommodious adj. uncomfortable; troublesome
incorporeal adj. not consisting of matter
incorrigible adj. not capable of correction or improvement
incubate v. to sit on and hatch (eggs)
inculcate v. to impress upon the mind by frequent repetition or urging
indemnify v. to protect against or keep free from loss
indigenous adj. innate; inherent; inborn
indomitable adj. not easily discouraged or defeated
indubitably adv. unquestionably; surely
inimical adj. unfriendly; adverse
iniquitous adj. unjust; wicked
inordinate adj. not regulated; excessive
intrepid adj. fearless; brave
inured adj. accustomed
irascible adj. easily provoked or inflamed to anger
irreparable adj. cannot be repaired or regained
jettison n a throwing overboard of goods to lighten a vehicle in an emergency
jocund adj. merry; gay; cheerful
lacerate v. to tear or mangle, to wound or hurt
lambent adj. giving off a soft radiance
lassitude n. a state or feeling of being tired or weak
lewd adj. lustful; wicked
libertine n. one who indulges his desires without restraint
licentious adj. disregarding accepted rules and standards
lithe adj. easily bent; pliable; marked by effortless grace
loquacious adj. talkative
lucent adj. shining; translucent
lugubrious adj. mournful; very sad
lurid adj. ghastly pale; gloomy
magnate n. a very influential person in any field of activity
malefactor n. one who commits a crime
malign v. to defame; speak evil of
marauder n. a rover in search of booty or plunder
maudlin adj. foolishly and tearfully sentimental
mendacious adj. addicted to deception
mercurial adj. quick, volatile; changeable
meretricious adj. alluring by false, showy charms; fleshy
mettle n. high quality of character
mien n. manner; external appearance
misanthropy n. hatred of mankind
mite n. very small sum of money; very small creature
modulate v. to regulate or adjust; to vary the pitch of the voice
mollify v. to soften; to make less intense
moot adj. debatable; purely academic, deprived of practical significance
mordant adj. biting, cutting, or caustic
mutinous adj. inclined to revolt
nefarious adj. very wicked; abominable
nemesis n. just punishment; retribution; one that inflicts relentless vengeance
nexus n. a connection
nostrum n. a questionable remedy or scheme, a quack medicine
noxious adj. harmful to health or morals
nugatory adj. trifling; futile; insignificant
obeisance n. a gesture of respect or reverence
obfuscate v. to darken; to confuse
objurgate v. to chide vehemently
obloquy n. verbal abuse of a person or thing
obtrude v. to thrust forward; to eject
odious adj. hateful; disgusting
oligarchy n form of government in which the supreme power is placed in the hands of a small exclusive group
opalescent adj. iridescent
opprobrious adj. reproachful or contemptuous
palatial adj. large and ornate, like a palace
palindrome n. a word, verse or sentence that is the same when read backward or forward
paltry adj. worthless; trifling
pandemonium n. a place of wild disorder, noise, or confusion
parapet n. a wall or railing to protect people from falling
pariah n. an outcast; someone despised by others
parity n. state of being the same in power, value or rank
parley v. to speak with another; to discourse
parry v. to ward off; to avoid
parsimonious adj. miserly; stingy
paucity n. scarcity; small number
peculate v. to embezzle
pecuniary adj. relating to money
pellucid adj. transparent
penury n. lack of money or property
perdition n. complete and irreparable loss
peremptory adj. barring future action; that cannot be denied, changed, etc.
perfidious adj. violating good faith or vows
perquisite n. a fee, profit, etc. in addition to the stated income of one's employment
peruse v. to read carefully and thoroughly
pied adj. spotted
pinioned adj. having wings, having wings or arms bound or confined
platonic adj. idealistic or impractical; not opprobrious or sensual
plenary adj. full; entire; complete
plethora n. the state of being too full; excess
pommel n. the rounded, upward-projecting front of a saddle
portend v. to foreshadow
potable adj. drinkable
prate v. to talk much and foolishly
precept n. a rule or direction of moral conduct
precocious adj. developed or matured earlier than usual
prefatory adj. introductory
preponderate v. to outweigh
prerogative n. a prior or exclusive right or privilege
prevaricate v. to evade the truth
prognosis n. a forecast, especially in medicine
prolific adj. fruitful
propagate v. to reproduce or multiply
propitiate v. to win the good will of
protocol n. an original draft or record of a document
provident adj. prudent; economical
proviso n. conditional stipulation to an agreement
pseudonym n. a borrowed or fictitious name
puerile adj. childish; immature
purloin v. to steal
purview n. the range of control, activity or understanding
quaff v. to drink or swallow in large quantities
quagmire n. a difficult position, as if on shaky ground
qualm n. sudden feeling of uneasiness or doubt
quintessence n. . the ultimate substance; the pure essence of anything
quixotic adj. extravagantly chivalrous; not sensible about practical matters; idealistic and unrealistic
quizzical adj. odd, comical, suggesting puzzlement; questioning
ramification n. the arrangement of branches; consequence
rampant adj. violent or uncontrollable action
rancor n. a continuing and bitter hate or ill will
raze v. to scrape or shave off
recalcitrant adj. refusing to obey authority
recidivism n. habitual or chronic relapse
recumbent adj. leaning or reclining
recusant adj. disobedient of authority
redolent adj. sweet smelling; fragrant
reminiscence n. a remembering
remonstrate v. to exhibit strong reasons against an act
rendition n. a performance or interpretation
repertoire n. stock of plays which can be readily performed by a company
reprehend v. to reprimand; to find fault with
reprieve v. to give temporary relief
resonant adj. resounding; re-echoing
resplendent adj. dazzling; splendid
resurgent adj. rising or tending to rise again
revile v. to be abusive in speech
risible adj. able or inclined to laugh
roseate adj. bright, cheerful, or optimistic
rote n. a fixed, mechanical way of doing something
rotundity n. condition of being rounded out or plump
rudimentary adj. elementary
ruminate v. to muse on
salutary adj. of or containing greetings
sapid adj. having a pleasant taste
sardonic adj. bitterly ironic
savant n. a learned person
schism n. a division in an organized group
scourge v. to whip severely
scurrilous adj. using low and indecent language
sedentary adj. characterized by sitting; remaining in one locality
serendipity n. an apparent aptitude for making fortunate discoveries accidentally
shoal n. a great quantity
sloth n. disinclination to action or labor
slovenly adv. careless in habits, behavior; untidy
sordid adj. filthy; foul
specious adj. appearing just and fair without really being so
spelunker n. one who explores caves
splenetic adj. bad-tempered; irritable
staid adj. sober; sedate
stanch v. to stop or check the flow of blood
stigmatize v. to characterize or brand as disgraceful
stoic adj. a person who is seemingly indifferent to joy, grief, pleasure or pain
stolid adj. unexcitable; dull
striated adj. marked with fine parallel lines
strident adj. creaking; harsh; grating
stymie n. to hinder or obstruct; golf - opponent's ball lies in a direct line between the player's ball and the hole
succor n. aid; assistance
sumptuous adj. involving great expense
sundry adj. various; misc; separate; distinct
supplant v. to take the place of
suppliant adj. asking earnestly and submissively
surfeit v. to feed or supply in excess
swathe v. to wrap around something; envelop
tawdry adj. gaudy or cheap
teem v. to be stocked to overflowing, to pour out, to empty
tenet n. any principle, doctrine, etc. which a person, school, etc. believes or maintains
termagant n. a boisterous, scolding woman; a shrew
terrestrial adj. pertaining to the earth
tether n. the range or limit of one's abilities
thrall n. a slave
throe n. a violent pang or spasm
timorous adj. fearful
tortuous adj. pertaining to or involving excruciating pain
traduce v. to exhibit; to slander
transmute v. to transform
travail v. to harass; to torment
trenchant adj. keen; penetrating; clear cut; distinct
tribunal n. the seat of judge
troth n. belief; faith; fidelity
turbid adj. think, dense, confused, perplexed
tutelage n. the condition of being under a guardian or a tutor
umbrage n. shade; shadow
uncouth adj. uncultured; crude
unfeigned adj. genuine; real; sincere
untrowable adj. incredible
uxoricide n. the murder of a wife by her husband
vagary n. an odd action or idea; a wandering
vantage advantage; gain; profit
vaunt v. to brag or boast
venal adj. that can be readily bribed or corrupted
veneer n. a thin surface layer
verbiage n. wordiness
verity n. truthfulness
vertigo n. a sensation of dizziness
vestige n. a trace of something that no longer exists
vicarious adj. taking the place of another person or thing
vicissitude n. changes or variation occurring irregularly in the course of something
vigilance n. watchfulness
visage n. appearance
vitriolic adj. extremely biting or caustic
vociferous adj. making a loud outcry
volition n. the act of willing
voracious adj. greedy in eating
vouchsafe v. to be gracious enough to grant; to guarantee as safe
wan adj. pale; pallid
wily adj. cunning; sly
wizened adj. withered; shrunken
wreak v. to give vent or free play
wrest v. to turn or twist; usurp; to distort or change the meaning of
abash to embarass
abate decrease, reduce
aberration something different from the usual
abet to adi; act as accomplice
abridge to condense, shorten
accede to express approval; agree to
accretion growth in size or increase in amount
accrue to accumulate, grow by additions
alacrity cheerful readiness, promptness in response
ameliorate to make better, improve
anachronistic outdated
anathema ban, curse; something shunned or disliked
acillary accessory; subordinate; helping
antedeluvian prehistoric, ancient beyond measure
antipathy dislike,hostility; extreme opposition or aversion
aphorism old saying or short, pithy statement
apocryphal not genuine; fictional
apostate one who renounces a religious faith
arable suitable for cultivation
archipelago large group of islands
ascetic self-denying, abstinent, austere
aspersion false rumor, damaging report, slander
assiduous diligent, persistent, hard-working
assonance resemblance insound, especially in vowel sounds, partial rhyme
augury prophecy, prediction of events
auspicious having favorable prospects, promising
blandish to coax with flattery
blithe joyful, cheerful or without appropriate thought
bovine cow-like; relating to cows
contumacious stubbornly disobedient
contumelious sinsolently abusive and himiliating
corpulence obesity, fatness, bulkiness
cudgel a short heavy club
deleterious harmful often in a suble or unexpected way
despot tyrannical leader
diaphanous allowing light to show thorugh; delicate
diatribe bitter verbal attack
ephemeral momentary, transient, fleeting
equine relating to horses
etiolate to bleach and alter the natural development of a green plant by excluding sunlight
exculpate to clear of blame or fault, vindicate
exigent urgent; excessively demanding
expurgate to censor
facile very easy, poised, assured
fathom (v) to measure the depth of, guage
feckless ineffective, careless, irresponsible
fecund fertile, fruitful, productive
fluvial of, relating to or living in a stream or river
hegemony leadership, domination, usually by country
heretical opposed to an established religious orthodoxy
iconoclast one who attacks traditional beliefs
immutable unchangeable, invariable
impecunious poor, having no money
imprecation curse
incontrovertible unquestionable, beyond dispute
insipid bland, lacking flavor; lacking excitement
intransigent uncompromising, refusing to e reconciled
invidious envioius; obnoxioius
inveterate confirmed, long-standing, deeply rooted
jingoism belligerent support of one's country
kinetic relating to motion, movement
lachrymose tearful
maladroit clumsy, tactless
mendicant beggar
myopic near sighted
nascent starting to develop, coming into existence
noisome stinking, putrid
obdurate stubborn
obsequious overly submissive, brownnosing
obviate to make unnecessary; to anticipate and prevent
officious overly helpful, meddlesome
ornithologist scientist who studies birds
palliate to make less serious, ease
panegyric elaborate praise, formal hymn of praise
phlegmatic calm in termperament; sluggish
polymath a person of encyclopedic learning
primordial original, exiting from the beginning
prodigal adj. wasteful, extravagant, lavish
progenitor originator, forefather, ancestor in a direct line
salubrious healthful
scimitar a type of sword; a saber with a curved blade with the edge on the convex side
seminal relating to the beginning or seeds of something
seraphic angelic, pure, sublime
sinecure well paying job or office that requires little or no work
sojourn visit, stay
sodden thoroughly soaked; saturated
soporific sleepy or tending to cause sleep
subterfuge trick or tactic used to avoid something
sybarite person devoted to pleasure and luxury
taciturn uncommunicative, not inclined to speak much
tome book, usually large and academic
torpid lethargic; unable to move; dormant
truncheon a shattered spear or lance
turpitude inherent vileness, foulness, depravity
unctuous greasy, oily, smug and falsely earnest
usury practice of lending money at exorbitant rates
uxorial of, relating to or characteristic of a wife
xenophobia fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers
zephyr gentle breeze
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