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What is a semi conductor? A substance whose resistivity is between that of a conductor and an insulator and whose resisitivity decreases as its temperature increases
What are conduction electrons? Valence electrons with enough thermal energy to break its covalent bonds
At what temperature is silicon an insulator? Near zero kelvin
What are holes? The gap left when an electron breaks free of a covalent bond
What is intrinsic conduction? Conduction in a pure semi conductor due to electrons moving from negative to positive with an equal number of holes moving in the opposite direction
What is a thermistor? A semi conductor whose resistance decreases rapidly with increasing temperature
What is a light dependent resistor? A semi conductor whose conductivity is increased when light shines on it
What is doping? Adding small controlled amounts of impurities to a pure semi conductor to increase its conductivity
What is an N-TYPE semi conductor? An N-TYPE semi conductor is a conductor with an impurity added which increases the number of electrons available for conduction
Name an example of an N-TYPE semi conductor Silicon and phosphorous
What is a P-TYPE semi conductor? A P-TYPE semi conductor is a conductor with an impurity added which increases the number of holes available for conduction
Name an example of a P-TYPE semi conductor Silicon and Boron
What is extrinsic conduction? Increased conduction in a semi conductor due to the addition of impurities
What is a P-N junction? A semi conductor with one end doped P-TYPE and the other doped N-TYPE
What is a depletion layer? A depletion layer is a region in a P-N junction diode where no mobile charge carriers are present which behaves as an insulator
What is junction voltage? The potential difference across a P-N junction caused by holes and electrons moving across the junction when its formed
What is a forward biased P-N junction? One that conducts current. With the positive terminal connected to the P-TYPE
What is a reverse biased P-N junction? One that doesn't conduct current with the negative terminal connected to the P-TYPE
Why is current in a forward biased P-N junction very small at a low voltage? It must first exceed the junction voltage
Name to uses of P-N junctions Rectification of A.C Integrated circuits
Created by: JackEatonK98
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