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Spanish IV Unit 3

acostumbrarse be accustomed to
Amenazar (a) to threaten a person
Amenazar (con) to threaten with, ie amenzar con una navaja
Animar a to encourage to
Arrepentirse de to regret
Avergonzarse de to be ashamed or embarrassed about
Baile folklórico Folk dance
La Bamba Mexican dance from Veracruz
Las Bellas Artes Fine Arts
Los Cantos Songs, chants
el Cineasta Filmmaker
El Climax Climax
Conseguir to manage to
Contar con to count on, or count on to do
El cuadro Framed painting, painting
El Cuentista Storyteller
Cuidar de Care for
La Danza Dance
Deber Ought to, should
Dedicarse a to dedicate oneself to
Dejar to allow, to let
Dejar de To stop doing something
El Director Director
Dramático Dramatic
La Escultura the sculpture
El estilo the style
el final the ending
El Género Genre
La Habanera The Habanera (dance)
Hacer el papel Play the role of
Innovador Innovative
Intentar to try, to try to
Interesarse en to be interested in, or to
El Jarabe Tapatío Mexican Hat Dance
Lograr to achieve
el Mambo Mambo (Caribbean dance)
Merecer to deserve
el Merengue Merengue (Central American Dance)
el Novelista Novelist
Olvidarse de to forget, or forget to
Parecer to seem
el personaje Character
La Pintura Painting
el poeta Poet
Ponerse a to begin
Predecible predictable
el Premio Nobel Nobel Prize
Prohibir to prohibit
La prosa Prose
El protagonista Protagonist, main character
Quedar en agree to
Resolver to resolve to
Simbólico symbolic
el simbolismo symbolism
Soler to be accustomed to
Soñar con to dream, to dream about
el Tango Tango (Argentine dance)
Tardar en to delay in
Temer to fear
Created by: KathyMartin