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Srta Lynch 09 JC Pre

2009 Deb Pre Exam vocab from written paper

La pastelería The cake shop
La comisería The police station
La galleta The biscuit
El sello The stamp
La rodilla The knee
El balonmano Handball
La librería The bookshop
Date prisa Hurry up!
Prohibido el chicle Chewing gum is forbidden
Caja till
La cocina tradicional Traditional cooking
Negocios Business
Salones privados Private rooms
Mariscos Shellfish
Frutos secos Dried fruits
A la plancha Grilled
Al horno Baked
Casero Home made
Gratis Free
Disfruta de Enjoy
Receta Recipe
En crudo Raw
Nacido en Born in
En cuarentena In quarantine
Created by: Luvlycaroline