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2009 FFMS Finals

English TermsCounsler a person who advises you
Identity your own special trait
Surplus extra food, water, ETC.
Physical having contact with another
technology todays updated form of everything
captive kept in confinement
Existence condition of being
Ordeal a severe test or experience
Primitive very simple
Sanctuaries places of refuge or protection
Stimulating lively; engaging
Promoted to move up in ranking
Progress increase in something
Revolting Disgusting, Horrible
Relish Side Dish
Disgraced upset, ashamed
Unison Come together
Retreat To head back or go back
Presence In existence
Decline To go down in something
Unnacompanied Alone
Former In the past, already happent
Accustomed Used to, Normal
Science TermsNiche Organisms job or role
Pollution Release of harmful things into eviornment
Endangered Species Kinds of living things that are in danger of dying out
Renewable Resources Natural resources that can be renewed or replaced
Nonrenewable Resources Natural resources that cant be replaced
Natural Resources Materials found in nature that are used by living things
Food Web Way of showing how food chains are related
Producer Organism that makes it's own food
Decomposer Organism that breaks down the wastes or remains of other organisms
Consumer Organism that obtains food by eating other organisms
Population Group of the same kind of organisms living in a certain place
Community All the populations that live in a certain place
Companionship friendly feeling around friends; fellowship
Created by: ninjadude51