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NILC - Chapters 5/6

hace sol it's sunny
por encima over top of
camiones trucks
mercado market
chancletas flip-flops
bachata traditional Dominican music
obtener to get/obtain
puesto de frutas fruit stand
¡Vete de aquí! Get out of here!
empanada fried dumpling with filling
présteme loan me
agarra grabs
sonríe smiles
sale corriendo he leaves running
enojado angry
travieso naughty
gorra cap
sucia dirty
voz voice
tan so
lugar secreto secret place
mientras while
cerca de near
la playa the beach
cueva cave
cruzan they cross
precipicio de roca rock cliff
algunos some
botellas bottles
oler to smell
pegamento de zapatos shoe glue
huele smell
quita el dolor gets rid of
era was
desanimada dispirited
basura trash
incómoda uncomfortable
peligroso dangerous
se acuestan they lie down
calmar to calm
tratan de dormir they try to sleep
¡Qué asco! How gross!
Created by: meg.minor.15