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GRE Lesson 40

100 word chunks of Barron's data

scanty meager; insufficient
scapegoat someone who bears the blame for others; whipping boy; CF. escape+goat
scavenge hunt through discarded materials for usable items or food; search, especially for food; N. scavenger: one who scavenges; animal that feeds on refuse and carrion
scenario plot outline; screenplay(script for a movie); opera libretto; outline of possible future events
schematic of a schema or scheme; relating to an outline or diagram; using a system of symbols; N. schema: diagrammatic representation; outline
scheme systematic plan; plot; clever dishonest plan; orderly arrangement of elements; Ex. health insurance scheme; Ex. a scheme to escape taxes; Ex. a color scheme; Ex. a story with no scheme; V: contrive a scheme
schism division into factions (esp. within a religious body); split
scholarly full of learning; erudite; like a scholar; Ex. scholarly journal
scintilla trace; minute amount; shred; least bit; Ex. There is not a scintilla of truth; CF. spark
scintillate sparkle; flash; be animated; be full of life; Ex. scintillating conversation
scion detached plant shoot used in grafting; descendant
scoff laugh (at); mock; ridicule; Ex. scoff at their threats
scorch sear; N.
score number of points; written form of a musical composition; reason; group of 20; notch or incision; Ex. full/vocal score; Ex. Don't worry on that score; V: mark with lines or notches; Ex. score the paper to make it easy to fold
scotch stamp out(put an end to); thwart; hinder; Ex. Scotch the rumor; CF. Cut
scourge lash; whip (formerly used for punishment); source of severe punishment; V: whip; afflict
scowl frown angrily; N: angry frown
scrap small bit or fragment; discarded waste material; fight; Ex. a scrap of paper/cloth; V: break into parts for disposal; discard as worthless; fight; quarrel
scrappy quarrelsome
scraps leftover food
screech unpleasant high sharp sound; shriek; V.
scrimmage disorderly fight between two or more people
scruple hesitate for ethical reasons; fret about; Ex. She did not scruple to read his diary; N: uneasy feeling arising from conscience; conscience
scrupulous conscientious; extremely thorough; Ex. scrupulous worker
scrutinize examine closely and critically; N. scrutiny
scuffle struggle confusedly; move off in a confused hurry; N. CF. scuffling twins ?
scurrilous abusive; obscene; indecent; Ex. scurrilous remark
scurry move hastily; hurry; move briskly
scurvy contemptible; despicable; N: disease caused by deficiency of Vitamin C
scuttle sink (a ship) by cutting holes in the hull; scrap; discard; N: small hatch in a ship's deck or hull
seamy sordid; base; filthy; unwholesome; Ex. seamy side of city life
sear burn the surface of; char or burn; brand; parch; cause (a plant) to wither
season enhance the flavor of by adding a spice, etc.; inure; harden; N. seasoning: something used in seasoning
seasonable occurring at the proper time or season; opportune; Ex. seasonable intervention in the dispute
seasonal of a particular season; Ex. seasonal rise in employment
seasoned experienced
secession withdrawal; V. secede: withdraw formally from membership
seclusion isolation; solitude; V. seclude: set apart from others; isolate
secrete conceal; hide away or cache; produce and release a substance into an organism; CF. secretive
sect separate religious body; faction; group of people with common beliefs within a larger group
sectarian of a sect; narrow-minded; parochial; N: member of a sect; narrow-minded person
secular worldly; not pertaining to church matters or religion; temporal
sedate composed (with no excitement); grave; V: administer a sedative to; CF. sedative
sedentary requiring sitting; done while sitting; not moving from one place to another; settled; Ex. sedentary job/population
sedition conduct or language inciting rebellion; rebellion; resistance to authority; insubordination; ADJ. seditious
seduce lead away from proper conduct; entice; ADJ. seductive
sedulous diligent; assiduous; paying attention; N. sedulity
seedy run-down; decrepit; disreputable; having many seeds; Ex. seedy downtown hotel
seemly (of behavior) proper; appropriate
seep pass slowly through small openings; ooze; trickle; N. seepage
seethe be violently disturbed; boil; (of a liquid) move about wildly as if boiling; Ex. The nation was seething with discontent.
seine seine net; net for catching fish
seismic pertaining to earthquakes
selective careful in choosing; having an effect only on certain things; not general; Ex. eclectic weed killer
self-indulgence excessive indulgence of one's own desire
self-righteous sure of one's own righteousness; moralistic
semblance outward appearance; guise; Ex. We called in the troops to bring a/some semblance of order to the city.
seminal related to seed or semen; germinal; creative; providing a basis for further development; influencing future developments; Ex. seminal research in a new field
seminary school for training future ministers; secondary school, especially for young women
senility old age; feeblemindedness of old age; ADJ. senile: resulting from old age; showing the weakness of body or mind from old age; Ex. senile dementia
sensitization process of being made sensitive or acutely responsive to an external agent or substance; V. sensitize: make or become sensitive
sensual devoted to the pleasures of the sense; carnal; voluptuous; Ex. sensual woman/curves/lips
sensuous giving pleasure to the senses; pertaining to the physical senses; operating through the senses; sensuous feeling of soft velvet on the skin
sententious pithy; terse; concise; aphoristic
sentient capable of sensation and conscious; aware; sensitive; Ex. sentient creature; N. sentience
sentimental swayed by sentiment; appealing to the sentiments
sentinel sentry; lookout
septic of or causing sepsis; putrid; producing putrefaction; N. sepsis: poisoning of part of the body (producing pus)
sepulcher tomb; V: place in a sepulcher; ADJ. sepulchral
sequester isolate; segregate; seclude; retire from public life
sere sear; parched; dry
serendipity gift for finding valuable things by accident; accidental good fortune or luck; CF. The Three Princes of Serendip
serenity calmness; placidity; ADJ. serene
serpentine winding; twisting; of or like a serpent; Ex. serpentine course of the river; N. serpent: snake
serrated having a sawtoothed edge; Ex. serrated leaf
servile slavish; cringing; N. servility
servitude slavery; compulsory labor imposed as a punishment
sever separate; cut off (a part) from a whole; break up (a relationship); N. severance; CF. severance pay: extra pay given an employee upon leaving a position
severity harshness; intensity; sternness; austerity; ADJ. severe: harsh; strict; extremely violent or intense
sextant navigation tool used to determine a ship's latitude and longitude (by measuring the altitudes of stars)
shack crude cabin
shackle chain; fetter; confine with shackles; N.
shade slight difference in degree; nuance; degree of color; Ex. shades of meaning/grey
sham pretend; feign; ADJ: not genuine; fake; Ex. sham jewelry; N: something that is not what it appears; impostor; pretense; Ex. The agreement was a sham.
shambles (place or scene of) complete disorder or ruin; wreck; mess; Ex. After the hurricane, the coast was a shambles.
Shangri-la imaginary remote paradise on earth; CF. Lost Horizon
shard fragment generally of broken pottery (glass, clay bowl, or cup)
shaving very thin piece, usually of wood (cut from a surface with a sharp blade)
sheaf bundle of stalks of grain; any bundle of things tied together
shear remove (fleece or hair) by cutting; remove the hair or fleece from; cut with or as if with shears; N: shears; pair of scissors
sheathe place into a case; insert into or provide with a sheath; Ex. He sheathed his dagger; N. sheath: case for a blade
shed small roofed structure for storage and shelter; V: pour forth; lose by natural process; repel without allowing penetration; radiate; cast; Ex. shed tears/light/water/skin/leaves
sheer pure; thin and transparent; very steep
sherbet flavored dessert ice
shift change position or place; exchange (one thing) for another; change in direction or position; Ex. shift the stolen goods; N. group of workers which takes turns with other groups; working period of such a group
shimmer shine with a flickering light; glimmer intermittently; Ex. The moonlight shimmered on the water; N.
shirk avoid (responsibility, work, etc.); malinger
shoddy made of inferior material; sham; not genuine; inferior; dishonest; Ex. shoddy goods/trick
shoot new growth from a plant
shove push forward; push roughly; Ex. pushing and shoving to get on the bus; N.
Created by: misterriley
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