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El Gato de Sèvres

Vocabulario para El Gato de Sèvres

Antigüedades objetos de arte antiguos
Aparentando (Aparentar) manifestando una actitud que uno no siente
Desdeñosamente con indiferencia que insulta
Escaparate ventana de una tienda donde se exhiben cosas para vender
No cabia (caber) duda había seguridad
Pedazos partes de algo
Vistazo mirada
Palabras Clave II
Acariciar tratar con amor y ternura, mostrar afecto con la mano
Adquirir obtener o ganar una cosa
Agacho (agacharse) inclinó o bajó una parte del cuerpo
Cazador persona que caza, que busca animales para matarlos
Cola extremidad del cuerpo de pura alegria
Hombro parte superior del tronco de donde sale el brazo
Incorporándose (incorporarse) levantándose de posición horizontal
Obsequiaron (obsequiar) regakaribm dieron algo de regalo
Palmada golpe que se da con la palma de la mano
Pleito disputa, lucha
Palabras Clave III
Ademán movimiento del cuerpo con que se expresa un sentimiento, gesto
Advierto (advertir—ie, i) aconsejo, llamo la atención sobre una cosa, hago saber
Cartera bolsa portátil para llevar billetes y documentos, billetera
Retirarse irse, marcharse
Sèvres Porcelain Sèvres Porcelain: Tends to be worth a pretty penny. A pair of vases can be worth of up to 100,000+ dollars. Even their smaller items can reach up to 5,000 dollars. The ceramics are very hard to find because they were specifically made for royalty.
Manx Cat Manx Cat: Manx cats are different from your standard cats. They can have very small tails but the majority of them have no tails. They are a mutation that originated from the Isle of Man.
Marco Almazán Pt. 1 He was born in the Mixcoac neighborhood of Mexico City. He attended National Preparatory School for high school.
Marco Almazán Pt. 2 In 1940 he moved to New Orleans, Louisiana and was a newspaper editor for a southern paper. He was even the vice consul for Mexico in the United Nations.
El Gato de Sèvres by Gabe Johnston
Palabras Clave I
Created by: Gabestone98